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How To Collect Emails With Your Quiz
How To Collect Emails With Your Quiz

Capture the emails of your quiz takers to start building your email list.

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Select the quiz from your dashboard that you want to generate leads with.

Step 1: When viewing your Interact dashboard, you will see your list of quizzes you've created. (If you haven't made one yet, you'll need to do this first by clicking Create New Quiz). Click "edit" next to the quiz you want to connect to, this will open up the quiz builder:

Step 2: In the quiz builder on the left hand side menu, click the switch marked to the side of "Lead Generation" so that it changes from OFF to ON.

Step 3: Follow the outlined steps to select the contact data you would like to collect from your quiz-takers and customize your opt-in form. After you've got this set up to your liking, scroll to the bottom. Press save and continue to move on to the next step.

Step 4: Select your email marketing program from the list and complete the authorization process to successfully connect your account. If you don't have an email marketing program, select "CSV File Download". This will store all of your leads in our analytics which can be downloaded at any time. Click here for more info on that.

Step 5: After you've selected your integration of choice, you will move on to setting up your triggers and actions for your results and answers. For more in-depth instructions on this, click here.

Step 6: Once you have gone through your integration set up, the last page you will see is "Test". This is where you can verify that your integration is working.

Troubleshooting common issues during lead generation set up.

Why is my test integration failing?

By default, the email field will be filled out with your Interact account email. If the test is failing, try out a different email. Utilizing an email that has been previously unsubscribed from your list will not work.

I've enabled lead generation, why is my opt-in form not showing up in my quiz?

First thing to note, the opt in form will appear at the very end of your quiz prior to results being shown. So make sure you're taking the quiz all the way through. Second, the opt in form will not appear unless every step has been completed. You will know it's fully enabled by seeing three check marks under lead generation on the left hand side:

Steps that have not be completed will be signified by a yellow exclamation:

I've fully enabled lead generation but I still don't see my opt-in.

If you've verified everything is fully connected, you will now need to publish your quizzes changes. Every time you make an edit to your quiz, you'll need to publish it to push those changes live.

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