To connect Interact to Flodesk we'll be using a Zap.

Before we begin you'll want to make sure you have a segment (or multiple) set up in Flodesk that you want to send your quiz leads to, this is how they'll be entered into Flodesk.

You will also first need to connect your Interact account to Zapier.

Instructions to connect interact to Zapier

Once your quiz is connected, go to Zapier and click "Make a Zap"

Now in the "Choose a Trigger App" step search for "interact" and you'll see our logo

In the "Trigger Event" step there's only one option, "New Lead" then click "Continue"

The next step is selecting your Interact account, once you've selected your account click "Continue".

The final step for connecting Interact to Zapier is choosing the quiz you want to set the zap up for. In this example I am selecting "What Type of Dog Are You"

Once you choose the quiz, the interact part of the Zap is done, and you can click "Test Trigger". This will pull in test leads with data to utilize later on. Press "continue" to move on.

Next will be the connection to Flodesk, these next steps will go over sending all quiz leads to a single segment. If you wish to segment based off of their quiz result, you will want to skip to the bottom instructions first. Click here to view that.

Once you've selected Flodesk, you'll need to select an action event to happen with your newly collected leads. We're going to select "Create/Update Subscriber". Then press "Continue"

The next step will ask you to sign in to Flodesk or select a Flodesk account if you've already connected prior. Choose your account and continue.

After your account is selected you will be able to set up your actions for Flodesk. Here you will select a segment for your new subscribers to go into and match up the fields collected by your quiz to fields within Flodesk. I've already created a contact field in my Flodesk account called "Quiz Result", so if you'd like to capture that you'll need to make a new custom field in Flodesk as well. Once you selected each Interact field from the drop downs, press "Continue"

The final step will be testing your integration, once you see a success you can turn on and enable your zap

Once the zap is on, you are done! You can now go and test on your live quiz to make sure everything is sending over properly to double check. Make sure to test with an email that is not already subscribed or has been unsubscribed in the past!

How to segment leads based off of their quiz result

If you would like to send leads into different segments based off of their result rather than just one, follow these steps.

Each lead that is sent to Zapier is automatically sent over with their quiz result as a tag. We will be using this tag in combination with a filtering step in your zap.

Click on the "+" sign in between Interact and Flodesk within your zap

This will bring up an action menu, we will be selecting "Filter" on the right hand side

This is going to bring up the filter set up, we are going to be setting this up to only continue an action to Flodesk if certain conditions are met

In this case, these conditions will be if a specific quiz result is received. Under "Choose field" select "Interact Quiz Result"

Under "Choose condition" we will be selecting "Text Contains"

The final step will be inputting a text value, this value will need to be the title of your quiz result. In this case, one of my quiz results is "German Shepard", so I manually type in the text "German Shepard".

Once this is done, you will click continue. Zapier will state that it would not have continued, this is because we are using test data (Lead A, Lead B). These conditions will only be met on the live quiz, so you can ignore this message.

Now that you have this filtering step in between your interact leads and Flodesk, you can now set up your Flodesk actions for a specific quiz result. For example, the filtering step I created was for the quiz result "German Shepard", I can now select a segment in Flodesk specifically for the "German Shepard" result. You will need to repeat these same steps for all of your quiz results. If you do not want to have a large multi step Zap, you can create individual Zaps for each result of your quiz if needed.

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