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Add a Quiz Popup to Your Shopify Store
Add a Quiz Popup to Your Shopify Store
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In this article we will look at how you can use interact quiz builder to add a quiz popup to your Shopify store. Before beginning this process you'll need to create a quiz for your Shopify store.

Here's a video version if you prefer.

Step 1: Navigate to themes then click actions and choose edit code from the dropdown.

Step 2: On the edit code page, scroll down to Sections then click on header.liquid

Step 3: Search within the code (ctrl+f on windows or command+f on mac) then search for </head> some themes have a variation of this such as </header-drawer> {/head} {/header} or [/head]

Step 4: Go to interact quiz builder share & embed options, then click Popup and Copy Code.

If you are using the result redirect option, don't forget to scroll down and select the option to Redirect Host.

Step 5: Go back to your Shopify and paste in the code before the closing </head> tag (in my case it's </header-drawer>

Step 6: Click Save

Step 7: Go to your Shopify site and make sure the popup is displaying correctly. You can go back to step 4 and edit settings in interact quiz builder to change how/when the popup shows up and how it looks.

Need to create a quiz for Shopify? Here's our guide on how to do that

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