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How to Add a Quiz to Your Shopify Store
How to Add a Quiz to Your Shopify Store

The easiest way to make your own Shopify quiz that sells products and generates leads

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Make a quiz in 2 minutes with AI

Shopify quizzes are excellent for making product recommendations, selling more products, and building your email list. In this guide we will go step-by-step through how you can create your own Shopify quiz and use it to sell products and build your email list.

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Here are the steps we’re going to follow for building your perfect Shopify quiz.

For illustrative purposes, we will be looking at a fully implemented quiz on and at the same time build our own quiz using interact so you can see exactly how to implement your own Shopify quiz.

Choosing your Shopify quiz topic

Here’s what a quiz looks like embedded and finished on a Shopify site ( This is what we’re aiming for with our own quiz, and it’s good to know what the outcome will be so you can work backwards.

Now let’s look at how we’ll build our Shopify quiz inside of interact quiz builder. The first step is to choose a template or start from scratch. We have over 30 categories of quiz templates you can choose from. Each template is built to convert and you can select templates relevant to your industry.

Here are some of the top template categories for Shopify quizzes.

If you choose to start from scratch then here are the two types of quiz topics that work super well every time.

  1. The product recommender quiz: This topic is “Which (Product) is Right For You?” straightforward and your results will be a single product.

  2. The category recommender quiz: This topic is “What’s Your (Blank) Type/Style?” and you would help people find their type or style and then recommend a few products based on which type or style they are.

Once you pick your template it loads into the interact quiz builder you can customize the colors, fonts, images, and text. Every element is editable if you click on it you can change it!

We have helpful tips for each section of your quiz build and live chat if you want to talk to an expert while building your quiz.

Writing quiz questions

After you've decided on a topic for your quiz, the questions will help your quiz takers find the right products. Within interact there are options for creating quiz questions. The two crowd favorites are image questions with text answers like this one.

And text questions with image answers, like this one.

You can also create text questions with text answers for a simple and clean quiz style

Setting quiz logic is easy, you have three options for types of quizzes.

1. The personality type quiz: This one determines your product personality so you can match people with products based on their interests. In a personality type product quiz each question correlates with one or more of your quiz outcomes. Correlations are like +1's, and whichever outcome gets the most +1's is the one you are shown as your quiz result.

2. Scored quiz type: This quiz is like the ones you see printed in magazines. Each answer choice has a score associated with it, and your quiz outcome is based on how many points you accumulate while answering the quiz questions.

3. Assessment quiz type: This is like a test. Each question has a correct answer and your quiz outcome is based on how many answers you get correct. For Shopify product quizzes this one is used to test someone's level of expertise and then recommend products to beginners, intermediate, and advanced people.

Creating your quiz opt-in form

The opt-in form shows up at the end of your quiz and can ask for an email, name, and other information. This form converts at 37.6% on average for the E-Commerce industry and you don’t want to miss out on all those great leads!

We also integrate directly with Klaviyo and many other email marketing programs so your leads will go straight to your list and be segmented based on which quiz outcome they get.

Here is an example of an opt-in form from the Mount Lai quiz.

In interact you’ll be able to choose which fields you want to ask for, we recommend just email or name and email to make sure you maximize your lead conversion rates.

You’ll also want to make sure you customize the text on the opt-in form so it’s relevant to your quiz and people know why they should be on your list in particular.

Customize interact quiz opt-in form

Choose your integration and connect your email list. We integrate directly with Klaviyo and you can use Zapier to connect to Shopify email marketing.

Then you'll be able to segment your new leads based on which quiz outcome they get, or how they answer specific quiz questions. So you could send different email follow-ups to someone who gets the "Dry" skin type versus someone who gets "Combination" skin type, as an example.

And that's it! Now your quiz is set up to collect leads and automatically segment them based on which quiz outcome the quiz taker gets. You're operating a full-scale personalized email marketing without spending thousands of dollars or doing sketchy data things.

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Building quiz result collection pages *in Shopify*

When someone reaches the end of your Shopify quiz, you can send them directly to personalized collections of products to match each quiz result. If that sounds complicated, it isn't, we will go through it screen by screen and build it together :)

We highly recommend building your quiz results as Shopify collections for two primary reasons.

  1. You can fully customize the design of your collections pages and people are going to your website to see them

  2. For tracking purposes it is better to have people come to your domain so you can set up analytics

Here’s how to create your results collections for each of your quiz results in Shopify.

After we create these collections in Shopify, we will go back to interact quiz builder and redirect each quiz result to the corresponding collection page you've created in Shopify for a seamless experiment.

1. Tag your products for each quiz result: Choose which products will go with each of your quiz outcomes and tag those products to be included in the collection for that quiz outcome

Once you select the products you want to include in each of your quiz result collection pages, click “More Actions” and then select “Add Tags” from the dropdown menu.

Now you’ll be prompted to give the products a tag. We recommend using a tag that’s equal to your quiz result title. In my case, since I’m creating a skin type quiz, I’m going to add a tag called “combination skin” and create a collection of products for people with combination skin.

Then you'll check the box for your newly created tag and click save. This will add these three products to a tag so you can put them into a collection corresponding with this quiz outcome.

The next step is to go and create a collection for this quiz outcome. Click on “Collections” and then click the button to “Create Collection”

Once you create your collection you’l want to add a title and description. For product quizzes here are the best practices on the title and short description.

For the title, make it very straightforward “I.E. You Have Dry Skin” and then tell people you’ve found a product or products that are right for them “I.E. And We’ve Picked Some Products For You.”

For the description, be positive and personal. For each of the results write a description that is uplifting to your customer and also addresses them personally based on how they answered the questions.

Now scroll down on the collections page you are creating to the section that says “Conditions” and set up product tag -- is equal to -- and then type in the tag you created for this quiz result collection

Now save this collection and view it, you’ll see that the products you selected and your title/description will show up on the page. My test Shopify site isn’t super pretty but here is how it looks.

Here’s what a nicely set up collection page on Shopify looks like, from our Mount Lai example. This is more of what you can expect once you clean up your collections pages and make them look nice.

Quiz result collection page on Shopify for Mount Lai

Redirecting from interact to your Shopify collections result pages

Once you set up all of your collections pages in Shopify (one for each quiz result) now it’s time to redirect your quiz results to your collections pages so that when someone reaches the end of your quiz and opts in or skips, they’ll be redirected to the collections page that acts as quiz result and product recommender.

To do this, go to your interact dashboard and click on “Results in the left sidebar” then click on “Redirect Results” which will prompt a popup where you can set up your redirects.

Once the popup box appears, check the box on the result you are redirecting to enable the redirect (you will have to do this for each of your quiz results)

Now go to your Shopify dashboard and view the Collection page you are building for this result, once you are viewing it, highlight and copy the URL of the page.

Now go back to Interact and paste in the URL of the collection page that you just copied from your Shopify store.

Now click anywhere outside this box and your redirect is set up. It will automatically save when you click in the grey area.

You will know if it's working if the result dialogue in interact shows a grey overlay and says "This result is redirecting to a URL..."

Embedding your quiz on your Shopify store

The most reliable way of embedding your quiz into a Shopify page is by making a page template for your quiz.

Start by going to your Online store and clicking on "Themes" then click the button that says "Actions" and choose "Edit code" from the drop down menu.

Now click on "Add a new template"

In the options that pop up choose Create a template for page, Template type liquid, and File name is quiz

Now you'll see a blank page and we will copy our quiz embed code and paste it into this page

Go to your interact dashboard and under the share & embed / publish options choose "Embed code" then choose "Javascript" and toggle the option for "Redirect host page on redirect" then click "Copy code"

Now paste the code into your Shopify page template and right after where it says <div type in align="center" which will make your quiz align to center on your page where it is added.

Now save the page template and go to "Pages" on the left sidebar and create a page for this quiz, under "Theme template" choose "quiz" from the options (or a different name if you named your template differently)

Now you can view your quiz page and see that your quiz shows up and is centered. It will also dynamically respond to each question as it changes in size and redirect to your collections pages for the results.

quiz embedded in shopify page

Backup Option: Add quiz directly to Shopify Page

If adding a page template causes any errors on your Shopify site or isn't looking how you want it to, there is a backup option to add your quiz directly to a Shopify page. This option is less robust in terms of compatibility but will work in most cases.

To start, copy the embed code from interact the same as before, Embed Code > Javascript > Toggle Redirect Host to On > Copy Code

Then add a page in your Shopify Online Store

Now paste in the embed code you copied from interact and add align="center" right after <div in the embed code so that the quiz will be centered on your shopify page.

Now your quiz is embedded on your Shopify page and centered

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