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Create Your Quiz in 5 Days
Create Your Quiz in 5 Days

Get the step by step personality quiz coaching you need to help you boost your email list and start personalizing the online experience

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This is an Interact sponsored course that previously launched as an online challenge. Take yourself through the course and create your quiz in 5 days. Each day includes its own 10-15 minute video. When you finish each video, follow the directions below each one for the next steps.

Before we get started, click here to download our free workbook to help you follow along with the course.

Day 1 - How to Craft a Captivating Quiz Title that Attracts Your Audience

Take Action - Craft your captivating quiz title

  1. Choose one Title Formula

  2. Fill in the blanks to one of the formulas to create a compelling quiz title

  3. Update the quiz title in your Interact account

Check out this blog post on The Best Quiz Titles for Every Kind of Business for title inspiration.

Day 2 - How to Create Powerful Personality Types that are Accurate

Take Action - Create your powerful personality types

  1. Create your segmentation buckets

  2. Ensure you have effective segments with mini personality types audit

  3. Update the quiz results in Interact with your personality types

Day 3 - Three Essential Questions Every Quiz Should Have

Take Action - Create your 7 questions

  1. Create 7 questions

  2. Ensure 3 of them are essential

  3. Add Gifs for fun engagement

Check out this blog post on 50 Quiz Questions You Should Be Using for more inspiration on questions.

Day 4 - Incentivize a Lead to Give You their Real Email Address

Take Action - Create your opt-in form

  1. Use opt-in formula to create your persuasive sentence to increase opt-in conversions

  2. Create your opt-in form

  3. Evaluate based on your goals if it’s time to upgrade

Day 5 - How to Segment Your New Email List Subscribers

Take Action - Map your results to your segments

  1. Create the segments in your Email Marketing System

  2. Map your results to segments in Interact

  3. Publish your quiz

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