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The Best Quiz Titles For Every Kind of Business
The Best Quiz Titles For Every Kind of Business

Best Practices for Writing Quiz Titles, find your industry and choose the title you like best

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The Best Quiz Titles For Every Kind of Business

We've created a giant list of questions you can use to build your own quizzes. Every question is designed for maximum engagement and ready to be used right away, you can copy everything off of this list. 


1. Which Dog Breed Are You?

2. What's Your Spirit Animal?

3. What Kind of Animal Are You?

4. What Kind of Pet Should You Get?


1. What Type of Car Are You?

2. What Type of Car Should You Buy?

3. Which Classic Mustang Are You?

4. How Much Do You Know About Cars?  

5. Find The Perfect Car For You


1. Which Makeup Brand is Your Perfect Match?

2. What's Your Beauty Style?

3. Which Celebrity Beauty Style Do You Match With?


1. What Type of Blogger Are You?

2. What's Your Blogging Style?

3. What Kind of Writer Are You?


1. What Type of Business Owner Are You?

2. What Type of Leader Are You?

3. What's Your Negotiating Style?


1. What Career is Right For You?

2. What Is Your Dream Job?

3. Find Your Path - Discover Your Next Move

4. Are You In the Wrong Career?


1. What's Your Core Purpose?

2. How Intuitive Are You?

3. What's Your "Secret Sauce?"

4. What Type of Coaching Is Best For You?


1. What Is Your Writing Style?

2. What Is Your Copywriting Voice?

3. What Type of Writing Are You Best At?


1. What's Your DIY Style?

2. What's Your Home Decorating Style?

3. How Should You DIY Your Home?

4. What DIY Project Should You Do Next?


1. What Kind of Degree Should You Get?

2. Which Major Should You Choose?

3. What's Your Ideal Career?


1. What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

2. Do You Have What it Takes to Start A Business Dong What You Love?

3. Could You Start A Business?


1. What's Your Style?

2. Which Celebrity Style Do You Have?

3. What Color Looks Best On You?


1. How Financially Responsible Are You?

2. What's Your Money Type?

3. Are You Saving Enough For Retirement?


1. What's Your Spirit Burger?

2. Which Cake Should You Make?

3. What Flavor of Protein Shake is Best For You?

4. What Flavor Is Your Favorite?

Health & Fitness

1. What's Your Body Type?

2. What's Your Fitness Style?

3. What Diet Should You Go On?

4. What Workout Program is Best For You?


1. What's Your Christmas Decorating Style?

2. What Should You Be For Halloween?

3. What Should You Get For Father's Day?

4. What Should You Get For Mother's Day?

5. What's Your 4th of July Style?

Home & Garden

1. How Should You Decorate Your Home?

2. What Kind of Garden Should You Plant?

3. What Kind of Party Host Are You?

Interior Design  

1. What's Your Design Style?  

2. What's Your Decorating Style?

3. What's Your Color Style?


1. What Kind of Friend Are You?

2. What Makes You Happy?

3. What Kind of Party-Goer are You?


1. What's Your Marketing Personality?

2. What Type of Digital Marketer Are You?

3. What Social Network Is Best For You?

Non Profit

1. What Kind of Volunteer are You?

2. Where Should You Volunteer Next?

3. Which Cause Should You Donate To?


1. What's Your Photography Style?

2. Where Should You Go Shoot Next?

3. What Photography Skill Should You Learn Next? 

Real Estate

1. What Kind of House Should You Buy?

2. Where Should You Live?

3. What Neighborhood Is Best For You?


1. What's Your Love Language?

2. What's Your Communication Style?

3. How Do Others Perceive You?

Social Justice

1. Which Social Justice Hero Are You?

2. Which Cause Should You Support?

Social Media

1. What's Your Social Media "Secret Sauce"?

2. Which Social Network is Best For You?

3. What's Your Social Media Personality?

Skin Care

1. What Skin Type Do You Have?

2. How Healthy Is Your Skin?

3. Which Skin Care Product Is Right For You?


1. What Kind of Software User are You?

2. How Technically Savvy Are You?


1. What Kind of Sports Fan Are You?

2. How Much Do You Know About Your Team?

3. How Much Do You Know About (Your Sport)?


1. What's Your IT Personality?

2. What's Your Technology Style?

3. What Kind of Technology User Are You?


1. Where Should You Go on Vacation Next?

2. What's Your Travel Personality?

3. What Country Matches Your Personality?

4. What's Your Spirit City?

Web Design

1. Which Website Template Should You Use?

2. Do You Need a New Website?

3. What Style of Website Should You Make?

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