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Branching Logic for Quizzes
Branching Logic for Quizzes

Create conditional logic based on answers to questions & assign more personalized results.

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If you’re here, you are probably looking for a quiz with logic that looks something like this.

The beauty of this quiz is that when someone takes it they see this nice interface, but in the background all that conditional logic is working.

I’m going to walk you through how to formulate a quiz like this and actually build it so you can put it on your site.

Step 1: Write out your logic on paper or on a white board

Step 2: Create all the questions and results you need for the conditional logic quiz in interact

So this quiz has two questions and 9 results. (you can make a conditional logic quiz as long as you want, I’m keeping this short to not make it too crazy)

Since the second question depends on how you answer the first question, there are actually 4 total questions.

Here’s the first question written out inside of interact.

Then I’ll write out the questions for the second level of questioning in this conditional logic quiz. These ones are different for each of the answer choices on the first questions.

For Cars:

For Trucks:

For SUV’s:

Then create all of the possible results, there are 9 for this quiz, one for each possible vehicle. Here’s the one for the Toyota Prius, I can add a picture, description, links and a button to buy the car. You can also choose to redirect these pages to your own website.

Repeat that process for all of your results, I won’t bore you with that now it’s the same for each.

Step 3: Create your logic branching logic map

Once all your content is created you can open our conditional logic mapping tool and build out the logic for the quiz. It’s the same as what I drew at the beginning.

Now when someone takes this quiz they’ll follow the appropriate path through it as you’ve outlined in the conditional logic builder.

You’ll see this as the cover of the quiz.

Then I’ll choose “car”

And then choose “hybrid”

(Optional) If the quiz builder wanted to ask for my email address that will show up before the results are revealed.

And now I’ll get “Prius As My Result”

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