At the end of a quiz, users receive a calculated result based on how the user answered - whether it is a personality, score range, etc.

Redirecting Result to URL

To override the default functionality and redirect quiz takers to a certain URL, click on 'Redirect Results' in the Interact Quiz Builder under the 'Results' nav section.

The 'Redirect Results' window should appear listing the current Results within this quiz. To enable redirection, check the box next to the respective result.

Enter the URL which will be redirected to once the result has been reached by the user. The redirection setting will ONLY be enabled if a valid URL is entered.

Save your quiz and make sure to Share & Embed to publish your changes live. Once a user takes your quiz and receives that result, it should redirect them to the URL.

Caveats & Redirection within the HTML <iframe> element

One of the caveats with result redirection is embedding your Interact Quiz within an <iframe> element on a webpage. With a valid redirect enabled, this means that your user will receive their result, trigger the redirect to the correct URL, but all within the embedded <iframe> dimensions and location.

An example of this can be seen below as a user finishes their quiz and is redirected to a page of products, which is displayed within the embedded quiz area:

Redirection of host page outside of HTML <iframe> element

Redirecting the host page of your embedded quiz <iframe> will navigate the user's web browser away to wherever you specify.

To utilize this feature:

  1. Enable redirection for at least one result within the Interact Quiz Builder (see steps above).
  2. Click 'Share & Embed' on the particular quiz to see the embed options.
  3. Click 'Embed your Quiz on your Website'.
  4. Under the 'Redirect Host' setting click on 'Enable' to enable this feature.
  5. Re-embed your quiz using the 'Javascript' method only (host redirection is not available unless using this method of embedding)

Important: You must re-embed the script after changing this setting as the embed code changes. So you will need to copy and paste the code into your website again. You also must use the Javascript embed method as this is the only method that supports redirecting the host page.

After re-embedding with the Javascript method, your host page where the quiz is embedded should redirect completely to the URL specified for that result.

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