You have a beautiful site up using Wix, but want to add a quiz and make it stand out from the crowd – we can help with that.

Step 1: Make the quiz. You have to have a quiz before it can go on your Wix site. There is a special process to making quizzes – a set of things you must get right to have the minimum needed for an awesome quiz. Here are those things:

  • Create a quiz just for your readers: Don’t try to address everyone with your quiz, make it just for your readers. The quizzes that we’ve seen have the most success are the ones that address one specific set of people. My favorite example of this is the Irish Post, a magazine that made a quiz just for Irish people living in London (of which there are only 200,000) and 15,000 of them took the quiz – that’s a high percentage!

  • Keep it fun even if your business isn’t: Quizzes are a one-to-one medium, they give you the unique ability to speak directly to your audience members the way you would at the local pub. Take advantage of that by remaining fun and light-hearted. We’ve had every business from Plumbers to United Way make quizzes, and the ones that perform best are the ones that are fun.

  • Create share-able results: Think ahead to how quiz-takers will eventually share your quiz. In general we share things that apply directly to us (which your quiz will), and make us look good (which you can control). Make sure your quiz prints out results that are uplifting and fun.

For a full list of best practices for making amazing quizzes, head over here. 

Step 2: Put the quiz on your Wix Site.

First, grab the embed code which will be created when you’re done building your interact quiz. You can access it from your dashboard under “embed” Interact quizzes work like YouTube videos as far as embedding goes, so it’s super simple.

 Once you’ve got the embed code, add it to Wix using an HTML app. You can add an HTML app from your Wix HTML 5 Editor, it will appear in the left navigation bar under “apps” select the html one and then select HTML code instead of website address. You can then drop in the code you just copied from Interact


As soon as the code is in place you should see a preview of the quiz pop up. If it doesn’t come up for some reason, there is a problem 

 Contact support at Interact for help if that happens. You’ll want to check and make sure that the quiz fits in well with the content around it before publishing. Generally, quizzes work well near the top of a page, if you put them at the bottom fewer people see it and if they came to your site because of the quiz, you may lose them before they find it.


This is what your quiz will look like on your new Wix site! There are tons of uses for quizzes and they are amazing fun. Using interact, it just takes a couple of minutes to get your quiz up and running on Wix. I would recommend switching out the quiz routinely if it’s going to be a prominent part of your site, just like any blog post quizzes do go out of style after a while.

Step 3: Launch your quiz and share it with the world!

We’ve seen quizzes get popular on all platforms, so to maximize your chances of “going viral” be sure to share it everywhere. You can share the page using the built-in Wix tools, or share the quiz directly using the social share buttons that will appear at the end of the quiz. Within Interact you can customize the share links to point back to your Wix site so anyone who shares your quiz will share a link back to your site and not anywhere else.


Why does redirecting quiz results not work with quizzes embedded in Wix?
The Wix system is built using a technology that makes it currently not an option to redirect users to different websites from a quiz.

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