How to Add a Quiz to Wix

Embed a quiz onto your Wix website to generate leads and recommend products

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Make a quiz in 2 minutes with AI

In this guide we will go through the exact steps to get a quiz on your Wix website to generate leads and recommend products.

Here are the steps for adding a quiz to your Wix website

If you don't have a quiz yet, you can create one with interact quiz builder, click here to create your quiz now

Add an embed block to any page or post on your Wix website

From your Wix website editor here are the steps for adding an embed widget to your page.

First: Click the "+" icon on the left sidebar

Second: Click "Embed" from the menu of options that comes up

Third: Click "Embed a Widget"

Now a widget will appear on the screen, click on it to open the text box for pasting in your quiz embed code

2. Copy your quiz embed code from interact

From your interact dashboard follow these steps.

Click "Share & Embed" to open the options shown below

First: Click "Javascript"

Second: Turn on "Use custom embed size"

Third: Set the first dimension (width) to 1800

Fourth: Click "Copy Code"

3. Paste your quiz embed code into your Wix embed block

First: paste in the embed code you copied from interact

Second: Click update

Now your quiz will be embedded into Wix but not look right, in the next step we will optimize the quiz for the best experience on all devices

4. Optimize the size of your quiz embed so it displays correctly

Here are the steps for optimizing your quiz embed so it looks great on all devices.

First: Stretch the embed widget to the full width of the page

stretch wix quiz embed widget to full width of page

Second: Stretch the embed widget to 1000 tall

Click "Stretch" and then toggle the "Stretch to full width" option on. If you don't want the quiz so big you can add margin until the quiz is smaller on the page.

On mobile editor, stretch canvas to be as tall as screen so the quiz won't have to scroll to be visible

Now publish and test, the quiz should be showing all questions without scrolling on both desktop and mobile devices.

That's it! Just four quick steps to embed your quiz onto Wix. Quizzes are awesome for selling products and generating leads so if you haven't created one already go and do it now! Interact works great with Wix. Create a quiz with interact now

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