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How to add image answers to your quiz
How to add image answers to your quiz

The article provides step-by-step instructions on how to add image answers to your quiz questions

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1. Click on a question in the left sidebar of your quiz. If you’re using a template with built-in image questions it will look like the screenshot above with image already loaded in. If you’re starting from scratch there will be blank image placeholders. Click “edit” above an image answer to change the image or add one if there isn’t one already.

There are three options for adding images.

1. Search our database that is full of free stock image that are royalty-free and commercially licensed (pictured above)

2. Upload your own image from your computer (click the “upload” option on the image addition dialogue box to upload an image)

3. Add an image via URL that is hosed elsewhere (click the “URL” option on the image dialogue box to add via URL)

Once an image has been selected or uploaded it will show up on the image question preview so you can see how it will look on the quiz question.

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