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Best Practices for Creating Lead Generation Quizzes
Best Practices for Creating Lead Generation Quizzes

The simplest setup to start generating leads with quizzes

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Note: This is assuming you have a quiz from either a template or AI. If you need something to start with choose a template or email to get started.

Quiz content

Quiz Title (2-15 words)

What is the biggest question customers have when they come to you? I.E. Looking for a product, learning about themselves. Speak in your voice.

Quiz cover photo

Feature your brand and/or your products. It can be people or something you sell.

Quiz Short Description (5-25 words)

What do customers say about why it is important that they answer their biggest question? Speak in your customers voice.

“Take quiz” button color

Same color you use for buttons on your website

Quiz Questions: 4-7 questions

Quiz Question text (3-20 words per question text)

What questions do you ask to help a customer find the answer to their biggest question which is the subject of your quiz? Speak in your voice.

Quiz answer choices (2-6 answer choices per question, 1-15 words per answer choice)

How do customers respond when you ask them questions about who they are and what they care about? Speak in your customers voice.

Images for quiz questions.

Alternate between:

  1. Text question with image answer choices – search for each answer choice summarized in 1-3 words

  2. Image question with text answer choices – search for each each question summarized in 1-3 words

  3. Use all text questions and answers when images don’t make sense

Also, if images are your hangup launch without them, it doesn't impact conversion rates significantly, it's more aesthetics.

See examples of all three formats below.

Text question with image answer choices

Quiz opt-in form

Heading (3-10 words)

Why would a customer want to be on your email list? Speak in your voice.

Sub-heading (5-15 words)

What customers say is valuable about being on your email list. Speak in your customers voice.

Quiz outcomes

  1. Is this how I would describe this product recommendation, personality type, or score to a customer in real life? Speak in your voice.

  2. Are these the products or resources I would actually tell someone to check out given this quiz outcome?

Integrating your quiz

Connect your quiz to your email marketing software. Add new leads to your general newsletter list (assuming you send out regular emails). Add a unique welcome email for quiz takers if you can, not required.

Promoting your quiz

Add the quiz to its own page on your site ( This is where it lives and you can link to it from all other places. Whenever you mention the quiz on social, podcasts, blogs, link to this page.

To optimize for SEO, add a 50-75 word description of the quiz above it.

Use an Announcement bar, popup, menu callout for quiz.

See the example below, they have both an announcement bar and a menu item calling out "Coffee Matchmaker" and another example from a relationship quiz.

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