Part 1: Subject and title

Personality: “Which (blank) are you?”

This is the classic quiz title, and it works for any application, think of ways that it could apply to your industry.

*Note: We recommend incorporating people into your quiz cover photo (see why)

Multiple choice: “How much do you know about (subject)?”

If you are using quizzes as a knowledge test, frame it as a challenge, this will entice people to take the quiz and share their results.

Short description should build anticipation

The quiz short description should not be overlooked. Use this short snippet (keep it to two sentences or less), as a way to build up interest in the quiz.

Part 2: Questions

1. Speak like a human

Quizzes are one-to-one method of communication. It’s you (the writer) talking to each quiz taker in a scripted way through the quiz questions. Speak like yourself.

2. Show your expertise

Don’t forget to convey your authority on the subject at hand, this helps to build trust which is key to the lead generation portion of the quiz.

3. 6-12 questions

This range of questions will take about 2 minutes to answer, which is the perfect range for keeping quiz takers engaged.

P.S. Need inspiration on what questions to ask? check out our list of quiz questions you can use.

Part 3: Lead capture form

1. State clearly what the value of subscribing is

Tell people why they should subscribe. This offer should be relevant to the subject of the quiz and enticing on its own (apart from the fact that it’s a gate for the quiz results).

2. Be blunt about what you’ll be sending out

It’s better to have people not subscribe because they aren’t interested than to lie and have people unsubscribe later.

3. Only ask for what you need

Don’t ask for information you won’t be actively using. If you never call people than don’t ask for phone numbers, if you don’t need to know location, don’t ask for a Zip Code.

Integrate with your email marketing software

Interact connects with most email marketing and marketing automation programs either through a direct integration or with Zapier. The leads will include all the information you collect as well as the quiz result that the quiz taker receives so you can target follow-ups based on quiz results.

Part 4: Quiz Results

1. Be honest but uplifting

The more positive your results are, the more they end up getting shared. Don’t lie to people though, focus on the good things about the quiz result that you recommend and play up the good things.

2. Include a personalized link to your site

Each result should link to a different part of your site that is specifically geared towards that personality type.

3. Keep it short

Results shouldn’t be more than a paragraph, save the long-form content for your own website.

Part 5: Autoresponder sequence

Quizzes should be connected to an autoresponder for best results (unless you are calling all leads). Here’s an example autoresponder sequence.

1. Thanks for taking our quiz! (Immediately)

Definitely have a trigger set up to email all quiz takers with a welcome email, otherwise people will forget taking your quiz and subscribing.

2. Here’s a resource for you (3 days)

Send a relevant and useful resource within 3 days of the person taking the quiz. Ideally this is a different resource based on the personality type.

3. Top 10 list (7 days)

This is a fun piece that’s related to the quiz. For example, if it’s a travel quiz send out “10 destinations for this summer”

4. Customer story (14 days)

Share a story of one of your customers and how your company made them more successful.

5. Exclusive offer for subscribers (17 days)

Send out a discount or offer that’s only for subscribers and close the sale.

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