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How to Connect Interact to Kajabi
How to Connect Interact to Kajabi

Use Zapier to send new quiz leads to a Kajabi form

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Note: You'll need a quiz to follow these steps.

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To connect Interact to Kajabi we'll be using a Zap.

Before we being you'll want to make sure you have a form set up in Kajabi that you want to send your quiz leads to, this is how they'll be entered into Kajabi.

You will also need to connect both your Interact account and your Kajabi account to Zapier. 

Once your quiz is connected, go to Zapier and click "Make a Zap"

Now in the "Choose a Trigger App" step search for "interact" and you'll see our logo

In the "Trigger Event" step there's only one option, "New Lead" then click "Continue"

The next step is selecting your Interact account, once you've selected your account click "Continue".

The final step for connecting Interact to Zapier is choosing the quiz you want to set the zap up for. In this example I am selecting "What Type of Dog Are You"

Once you choose the quiz, the interact part of the Zap is done, and you can click "Test Trigger". This will pull in test leads with data to utilize later on. Press "continue" to move on.

Under "App Event" search for "Kajabi" and click on it

Under "Select Kajabi Action" Click "Create For Submission" then click "Save + Continue"

In the first step of "Create Form Submission in Kajabi" click the dropdown menu on "Site" and choose your Kajabi site

In the second step of "Create Form Submission in Kajabi" click the dropdown menu for "Form" and select the Kajabi form that you want your quiz leads to be submitted to 

In the third step of "Create Form Submission in Kajabi" click the dropdown menu on the right side of the filed and click on "First Name: John" (it will always say this for interact Zap setups)

In the fourth step of "Create Form Submission in Kajabi" click the dropdown and select "Email:

Here's what it should look like with all the steps set up (your Site and Form names will look different). If it all looks good then click "Continue"

In the "Send Test Submission to Kajabi" click "Test & Continue" to make sure your Zap is working properly.

If it works you'll get a message that says "A submission was sent to Kajabi just now."

Now you can select "Turn on Zap" to enable it

Now when someone submits a lead into the quiz you set up in this Zap it will be submitted to the form you chose for Kajabi in the Zap setup. You can repeat this process for any other quizzes you want to connect to Kajabi.

Note: Currently we only support sending all quiz leads to Kajabi through one form, we do not support sending different results to different Kajabi forms for segmentation at this time. 

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