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Quiz Building Best Practices Checklist
Quiz Building Best Practices Checklist

Determine if your quiz is ready to launch, or make adjustments before you publish it!

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Create a new quiz or optimize your existing quiz using this checklist full of best practices we've learned over the years:

Quiz cover

  • Title : A catchy title that resonates with your ideal customer and is preferably written in the voice of your ideal customer. Use our AI Quiz Title Generator.

  • Cover photo: A photo of a person; try to use an image showing your ideal client in the transformative or ideal state you’ll help them achieve.

  • Short description: A clear and concise description that tells your lead exactly what they’re going to get out of the quiz and why they should take it.

  • Start button: Matches other buttons on your site.

Quiz questions

  • Number of questions: Ask enough questions to get your lead to the right result and that gives you the information you need to know about your leads. 7-10 questions seems to be the sweet spot.

  • Types of questions: Ask a variety of questions to keep the quiz fun and interesting. Put harder to answer questions towards the end of the quiz or sandwich them between two more fun or easier to answer questions.

  • Tone of questions: Write your questions as if you’re speaking to one person, in real life.

Quiz opt in form

  • Turn on lead generation: To collect names, email addresses, and other information from your leads, integrate your quiz with your email marketing system.

  • Opt in form headline and sub-header: Tell your lead why they should subscribe and give them an exciting preview of what they'll get if they do sign up.

  • Fields: Only ask for first name and email. If you need more info, do your best to tell the lead why so they're more likely to give you this information.

  • Skip option: Let people skip the opt in form if they’re not interested so you're only sending qualified and engaged leads to your email list.

Quiz results

  • Result title: Answers the quiz question.

  • Result photo: The photo should represent the result visually so even if the lead doesn't read they'll know what they got. Try to use an image showing your ideal client in the transformative or ideal state you’ll help them achieve.

  • Result description: Reflect what you know about your lead back to them, keeping it positive.

  • Add value: Include easy wins and awesome resources that relate to the transformation you create.

  • Bio: Introduce yourself and add a photo of yourself. Give more information about how you can help your lead, and what you’ll be sharing with them now that they’re in your community.

  • Call to action: Make your lead feel seen and understood by providing them your best resources or freebies that point them in the direction that makes the most sense to them. And tell them what’s going to happen next to get your lead excited to hear from you when you show up in their inboxes!

  • Social share settings: Use the social share buttons to tell your lead they should share this with their online network.

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