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How to make your quiz results
How to make your quiz results

Coming up with the different quiz results and writing the results descriptions

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TL:DR: Create 3-6 results that are the personality types of your audience that you sell to.

Step 1: What the different quiz results should be:
The way you come up with the different quiz results is by dividing your audience into different personalities and making those personalities the results of your quiz. 

In How do I come up with a quiz? we talked about deciding who your audience is and using that to make the title of your quiz. 

Now you're going to take that same audience and divide them into different categories based on their personalities. So for example, if my audience is jewelry buyers I might have "The Eccentric" "The Classic" and "The Minimalist" buyer, each of which are different types of buyers who have different tastes.

These personalities are the different results of your quiz, which is titled "Which (Blank) are You?" where the blank is the audience of your quiz, so the possible results are the different personalities of your audience.

Step 2: Adding result featured images: We recommend adding a result featured image that visually represents the personality of the result. If you don't have an image the represents the result well, you can simply hide the image which is better than having a bad image

Step 3: Writing the result descriptions: For each of your results you'll have a short description, which should be 3-4 sentences maximum, keep these short. The description should be a brief overview of the personality you are describing, and keep it very positive. The trick to keeping every result description positive is to focus on the good aspects of the personality and avoid anything negative.

Step 4: Result call to action buttons: Call to action buttons should be used to link to an appropriate article or resource or product recommendation for the particular quiz result. So for example, an article specifically for one type of business owner or a list of product recommendations for one type of jewelry buyer. 

Advanced option: Redirect your results to your own landing pages. If you'd like to redirect quiz takers to your own landing pages instead of building them inside interact, click here to see a guide on that.

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