Course Intro: How To Launch Your First Quiz
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We have a brand new course for 2022! The new course is updated with all of our latest strategies for maximizing lead generation and product sales.

Welcome to interact's course on how to create your first quiz. We've compiled everything we've learned from creating 50,000 quizzes that have generated more than 8,000,000 leads and put it into this course (don't worry, it's still very concise). 

Before we get into that, let's define what we're trying to accomplish here. Interact is a tool for creating quizzes like the ones you see all over social media and websites like Buzzfeed, and you can create your own quizzes for your brand that generate leads for your business.

What you end up with is something like this 

To see how quizzes are used in your particular industry see our list of best quiz use cases by industry.

So that's what we'll be working towards. A quiz that captures the full attention of your target customers and gets them onto your list. 

We'll even cover what you should do with those leads in order to make sales, so by the end of this course you'll have a full-on profit-making machine of a quiz completed.

The interact team will be here with you along the way, at the bottom of each module there will be an option to connect with us one-on-one to discuss your quiz. If you're ready to speak with an expert right now, you can click here to schedule your coaching call.  

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