Part 1: How To Write Your First Quiz

Find the perfect quiz template to generate leads for your business

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We have a brand new course for 2022! The new course is updated with all of our latest strategies for maximizing lead generation and product sales.

If you proceed on this page, the below is our previous version of the course which is still good but not the best.

To get started with interact, and your first quiz, we begin with the content. Content is the most important part of a quiz, it's what makes the quiz have the "magical powers" that get people to not only take the quiz, but opt-in to your list and continue engaging with your brand.

With interact, the fastest way to build your quiz content, and the recommended method for beginners is to select a pre-built quiz template. We have hundreds of templates from every industry and you can sort the templates by conversion rate to select the highest converting in your industry.

Every single template in the interact system is hand-crafted by our experts, who use data compiled from over 50,000 quizzes built on our platform to ensure that each and every one is built to convert at the highest possible level.

Even better, when you select a template you can still go back and change anything you don't like, or add to it.

For this course we'll walk through selecting a template as the main method, however, if you want to start from scratch I've linked worksheets for writing your own quiz at the bottom of this page and you can download those to craft your own custom quiz content.

When you first sign up for interact, or if you have an account and are creating a new quiz, the first question we ask is "Would you like to create a totally custom quiz from scratch?" For this tutorial we'll go with the template, as that is vastly quicker than writing your own quiz. Again, if you want to jump into a full custom quiz you can scroll down and download a worksheet to get started on writing your own.

Once we've selected the "Template" option, we'll now choose our goal with the quiz to narrow down our options.

Now you'll be asked what kind of templates you want to see based on the scoring (quiz logic) that's built into them. There are three options, and here are some details on them to help you decide which one is right for you.

1. Assessment. This is a standard multiple choice quiz. Every question has a correct answer, and the quiz result is based on how many answers the quiz taker gets right.

2. Personality Quiz (Recommended if you've never done a quiz before!!). This is the most popular quiz type and the same as what you may have seen printed on the back of magazines where every question has answers and at the end of the quiz you add up your total "A's" "B's" "C's" and so on. Whichever one you have the most of is your result. With interact all the calculations are done within our system automatically so people don't have to do it themselves when they take your quiz.

3. Scored Quiz. This quiz type operates on a running tally. Every question has answers, and each answer has a point value associated with it. The results of the quiz are based on the total number of points you get while taking the quiz.

For a full explanation of the quiz types, click here.

Once you've chosen your quiz type you can check out the templates hand-built for you and your business.

You can preview any of the quizzes, and sort them by newest or alphabetically. Once you've chosen a template that suits your needs, click "Use Template" to load it into the interact editor.

The templates interact provides are completely finished, so there's no need to do any additional work in order to use them. However, I'll walk you through some of the key editing elements you have at your fingertips if you do want to modify the content of your quiz.

First, you can change any image on your quiz by clicking on it to modify. Interact has a connection with a royalty-free stock image database, so you can simply search for the type of image you want and load it in. There is also an option to upload your own images or import them from a URL.

Second, if you want to change any of the results on your quiz, you can navigate on the left grey sidebar to "Results" and click on the one you want to modify. One thing to particularly pay attention to on the results section, and something I would highly recommend adding, is a call to action button, which you will see at the bottom of each result. You can use this button to link to a relevant resource or blog post that applies to this result. Each one is unique, so you can send people to a different resource depending on which result they get.

On the results pages you can also modify the result title, image, and description.

[IMPORTANT] Even if you're using a template, you'll want to add buttons to your quiz results that link to relevant resources for each of your results.

Two other quick things to mention on the results are that you can redirect results to your own landing pages, so for example if you have a page set up for each quiz result on your own site, you can redirect people there instead of using the interact results that are built-in. You can also show multiple results, which will displaying a ranking of which results people are most similar to, so like a top three instead of just one.

Third, you can modify any of the question content on your quiz by navigating to "Questions" in the left grey sidebar and then clicking on the question you want to edit. Now you can change anything you'd like in the middle of the page, you can switch the question type from text to image, you can click the answer type from text to image, you can modify any image, and modify any text. Also note that you can click in the bottom right corner of each question to change the scoring associated with it.

Pro Tip: The optimal amount of questions for a quiz is 7. Each question should be written in text and each answer choice should be an image, we ran a scientific experiment and found that all of the top quizzes ever created on the interact platform have questions in this format!

So those are the items you can modify on a quiz, again, if you're starting from a template everything is complete to begin with so you don't have to feel like you need to modify everything, but the options are there should you want to change anything.

If you find that there just isn't a template for you, look below for those worksheets on how to write out custom quiz content and then use that option in the builder.

To complete this module:

  1. Select a template or write your custom quiz

  2. Add call to action buttons linking to resources on your website to each quiz result

Custom Quiz Options (Advanced)

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