Part 2: Styling Your Quiz

Customizing how your quiz looks and the logo that is on it

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We have a brand new course for 2022! Updated with all of the latest tips and tricks for your best possible quiz.

If you wish to continue on this page, this is our previous version of the course that's still good but not the latest strategies

This is where you have the most creative freedom and it's an opportunity to really let your designer side out. With interact we have a variety of options for customizing the look and feel of your quiz, as well as the branding that's on it.

To get to these options from your interact dashboard, click "edit" then "branding and styling"

From here you'll have options for how to style your quiz, I'll list them below. Interact's recommendation is that you customize the quiz to match the style of your website so that when people take the quiz it feels just like any other page on your site. By doing it this way you'll transfer over the trust you've built with people who know your site directly over to the quiz itself and your brand integrity will carry through.

Here are the customization options.

1. Change the quiz background color

2. Change the quiz font color

3. Change the "Take Quiz" button color

4. Change the color of answer choices on quiz questions

5. Change the font type from 500 pre-loaded fonts or choose from Google Fonts/Adope Type Kit

6. Add your logo for branding purposes

Pro Tip: Make sure your quiz cover photo features one smiling person on it. We ran a giant study and found that quizzes with cover photos featuring one smiling person got more clicks than any other type of cover photo.

To complete this module:

  1. Style your quiz to match your website (or however you want, the creative freedom is yours!)

  2. Add your logo for branding purposes


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