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How to Connect Eloqua to Interact
How to Connect Eloqua to Interact

This article will describe how to connect your Eloqua account to Interact apps.

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Note: You'll need a quiz to follow these steps.

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Steps for this integration:

  1. Authorize your Infusionsoft account

  2. Confirm creation Eloqua Custom Object

Authorize your Eloqua account:

Step 1: In the Interact app builder left sidebar, under Connect your email list, choose Eloqua from the list of integrations. Note: You must set-up your opt-in form before you can continue to your integration selection.

Step 2: You will be prompted to authorize Interact to access your Eloqua account data. Click Login to continue.

Step 3: Enter your Eloqua credentials and click Sign In.

Step 4: Click Login and then click Accept.

Confirm creation of Eloqua Custom Object

Important: Upon authorization of your Eloqua account, the following actions will be automatically executed:

  • Custom Object: A custom object called Interact Leads will be created in Eloqua. The custom object is used to store the custom field values (such as quiz result titles). Each new contact will be uploaded as a contact and as a custom object record. Each custom object record maps to the corresponding contact (via email address).

  • Custom Object Field: A new custom object field will be created for each quiz connected named Interact Quiz Result N, where N is a unique identifier for the quiz.

  • Contact Import Definition: This is used behind-the-scenes to import new contacts collected through your quiz.

  • Custom Object Import Definition: This is used behind-the-scenes to import new custom object records collected through your quiz.

Verify that this custom object Interact Leads has been created inside of your Eloqua account by navigating to Audience -> Custom Objects and searching under the Unfiled folder on the left sidebar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will existing Eloqua contacts be updated?

Yes, existing Eloqua contacts will be updated with updated field values.

What will new custom object records look like in Eloqua?

You can find all custom object records by navigating to the Interact Leads custom object and clicking View Custom Object Record. The following screenshot is an example of what custom object records will look like:

Click on a custom object record to view all fields, including the quiz result title and mapped contact record:

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