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How to Post your Quiz to Your Instagram Story
How to Post your Quiz to Your Instagram Story

Share your quiz to your Instagram Story.

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Step 1: Hit “Publish” on your finished quiz. Then hit “Publish Changes.”

The Live Link to your quiz will appear.

**This is the only quiz link that will work on your Instagram Story.**

Step 2: Hit "Copy Link".

You can also access this link under “Share & Embed” on your quiz dashboard.

Step 3: Get your Mobile Device.

**Instagram Stories can only be created on mobile devices.**

Step 4: Go to your Instagram account. Click on your profile photo with the blue addition sign to add to your Instagram story.

Step 5: Your mobile device camera roll will appear. We recommend adding a background photo that reflects the theme of your quiz as the background to your Instagram story.

In our example, the quiz focuses on finding your dream wedding venue. We have chosen a wedding themed background photo for the Instagram story.

Step 6: Click on the text button.

We recommend writing an interesting caption to prompt your followers to click on your link to take your quiz.

Step 7: Go to tabs. Hit "Link"

Step 8: Paste your Live Quiz Link under URL

Optional: Under Sticker Text, you can add a custom title to your link.

Then hit "Done" to add your quiz link to your Instagram Story.

Step 9: Post your Instagram Story by hitting the gray arrow.

Your quiz is live and accessible now on your Instagram Story!

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