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How to Connect Interact to
How to Connect Interact to

Use Zapier to send new quiz leads to your account.

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Note: You'll need a quiz to follow these steps.

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Connect Zapier to your Interact app:

Step 1: From your Interact account, toggle on Lead Generation in the left sidebar menu.

Step 2: Customize the quiz opt-in form to your liking, then click Save and Continue.

Step 3: Choose Zapier from the list of Integrations.

Step 4: Here you will see your Interact API Key. Copy the API key, this is required for the next setup steps. You'll be pasting this API key in during your zap set up.

Setup Zapier with Interact:

Step 1: Login to your Zapier account and click Create, then click New Zap.

Step 2: Choose Trigger to start your Zap. In the popup, search for and select Interact.

Step 3: Choose New Lead from the Event field dropdown, then click Continue.

Step 4: Click Choose in the Account section, then click +Connect a new account.

Step 5: Paste your Interact API Key found in the previous section, and click Yes, Continue to Interact.

Step 6: Click Continue from the Account section, select your quiz from the Quiz dropdown in the Trigger section, then click Continue.

Step 7: Test your connection to Interact by clicking Test Trigger. This will pull in test leads (Lead A and Lead B). Choose a test lead and click Continue with selected record.

Step 8: In the Change action popup, type in the search bar and choose it from the dropdown.

Step 9: In the Event section, select Create or Update a Contact, Including Adding Tags from the dropdown, then click Continue.

Step 10: Click Sign in to connect your account then click Continue.

Step 11: Complete the Action section by updating the following fields then click Continue.

  • Tag: Choose one of your quiz results from the Tag dropdown menu, we'll complete the setup for the other quiz results later.

    Note: For your quiz results to appear here, you'll first need to set up a tag in for each quiz result.

  • Email: Choose Email from the dropdown.

  • First name: Choose First Name from the dropdown.

Step 12: Click Skip test (we'll come back to this when you turn on the zap).

Step 13: Click on the + icon between the Trigger and Action steps we just setup to Add a step.

Step 14: On the popup click Filter then complete the Only continue if... section by updating the following fields, then click Continue.

  • Choose field: Choose Tag

  • Choose condition: Choose (Text) Contains

  • Enter text or insert data: Type the quiz result you chose exactly as it appears in step 11.

Step 15: Click Continue, name your Zap in the top left corner, then click Publish to turn on the Zap.

Step 16: Repeat steps 1 - 15 for each of your quiz results. This allows you to segment your leads in based on the quiz result your lead got.

Step 17: Return to your Interact account and click Activate connection.

Step 18: Click Publish then click Publish Changes. Now you can test the quiz out live by completing the opt in form and checking that the data and tag appear in

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