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Add a quiz cover photo

Choose a quiz cover photo that matches our CEO Josh's best practices. Plus learn how to add any cover photo to your Interact quiz.

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  1. From your Interact account click Edit on the quiz you're adding a photo to.

  2. Click on the gray placeholder on your quiz cover.

  3. From the popup, either search for your photo or choose the Upload tab and follow the prompts to use your own. To upload your own, use landscape orientation, size 900px by 400px, JPG, PNG, or GIF.

  4. Once you've selected your desired photo, choose Upload.

  5. Crop your photo as desired then choose Crop & Save.

Your quiz cover photo appears on your quiz.

To update the cover photo of a quiz you've already published, follow these same steps then click Publish, then Publish Changes in your Interact account. The image will update wherever your quiz is already shared live.

Supported file types:JPG, PNG, GIF

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