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How to Post a Quiz to Your Business Facebook Page
How to Post a Quiz to Your Business Facebook Page

A step-by-step guide on how to create a professional Facebook post for your quiz.

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Written by Damaris Pacheco
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Two things.

First, for some reason Facebook business pages don’t allow you to just put a link to your Interact quiz and have the image and description pop up. So if you just put a URL like this into a post nothing will happen.

See that looks horrible, it’s not what you want.

So here’s how to actually post the quiz and make it look good like Disney.

When sharing quizzes directly to business facebook pages, facebook itself blocks the image from being pulled. Here’s a short example on how to share it.

1. Take a screenshot of the quiz or pick an image to share

2. Upload the image to a new Facebook post manually

3. Write a description of the quiz “Take this new quiz to find out the true “character traits” of your loved ones? Now you can find out”

4. Include a link to the quiz (use or similar link shortener to track analytics)

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