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How to Embed Your Quiz into Showit
How to Embed Your Quiz into Showit

This article describes how to embed your interact quiz into your Showit landing page.

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You can also have your quiz popup on your Showit site or create an announcement bar. If you want to create a custom quiz cover follow these steps.

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Step 1: Login to Showit and open the site you want to embed your quiz onto.

Step 2: Click on the area of the page you want to embed the quiz. Then click the

middle icon at the bottom of the page and select “Embed Code” from the dropdown list. This is where your quiz will appear; resize and/or move the frame as desired.

Step 3: Open your interact dashboard and click “Share & Embed” on your quiz you want to add to the Showit landing page.

Step 4: Click on “Embed Code” on the left sidebar, and click the “Javascript” tab.

Step 5: Toggle on the buttons for “Auto resize embed to fit quiz content” and “Use custom embed size” then change the width of the dimensions to 1,500.

Step 6: Click “Copy Code” then go back to Showit and double click in the embed code frame you just created.

Step 7: Paste the embed code into the Showit embed box. The embed code starts with <div. Immediately after that add align=”center” so it appears: <div align=”center” to center the quiz on all devices regardless of screen size.

Step 8: Click “Save.”

Preview your quiz on mobile and desktop to make sure everything functions as desired.

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