To connect Interact to Marketo we will be using Zapier. Check out the Interact + Marketo Zapier integration.

Before we begin you'll want to make sure you have an existing Zapier account, as well as an existing Marketo account.

Authorize your Interact & Marketo accounts

Instructions to connect Interact to Zapier

Instructions to connect Marketo to Zapier

Create New Zap

Step 1: In the Zapier dashboard, click Create Zap.

Connect Interact to Zap

Step 1: For the When this happens step, search for Interact and the select the correct app.

Step 2: Under Choose Trigger Event, select New Lead.

Step 3: Under Quiz, select the Interact quiz from the dropdown you would like to capture leads from to connect to Marketo.

Step 4: Complete the Test step to load in some dummy data you can use in the next step to connect to Marketo.

Connect Marketo to Zap

Step 1: For the Do this step, search for Marketo and the select the correct app.

Step 2: Under Choose Action Event, select the appropriate Marketo action you would like to select.

Step 3: Complete the Zap setup for Marketo by authenticating your account and then mapping the appropriate Interact lead fields.

Test your Zap

To complete your Zap, you must test the Zap and turn on the Zap. Open your Interact quiz and fill out the contact form and make sure the lead shows up in Marketo.

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