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Show Top Results (Multiple Outcomes) To Quiz Takers
Show Top Results (Multiple Outcomes) To Quiz Takers

Give people a break-down of their top results for your quiz rather than just showing one. Recommend multiple outcomes.

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On a personality quiz you'll sometimes want to show people their top results, rather than just the one specific quiz result they get on your quiz. Interact has the capability to support it, and here are all the things you can do with it.

In order to enable this, and remember it's for personality quizzes only, you'll click the box that says "Show multiple results" just below the "Results (Personalities)" heading on the left sidebar of the interact quiz builder.

Now you'll see a different view in the middle of the screen where you'll have options to change settings on the multiple results screen.

If you click on "Multiple Results Settings" in the bottom right corner then you'll be able to change the number of results you'll show people.

If you click on "Colors" in the middle of the page you'll be able to change the colors of the content on this multiple results page

If you click on "Settings" in the middle of the page (not the button in the top right corner) you'll be able to check a box that makes the top result bar go all the way across the page, even if they are only 50% like that result for example, this is simply a stylistic choice you can make and does not affect the quiz scoring.

Now when someone takes your personality quiz and reaches the results this is the first screen they'll see with all the top results listed (based on how many you chose to show them)

And then if they click "More Details" on any one of the results it will show the whole result with the description and button and any links you've added, you'll be able to close this to return to the multiple results screen.

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