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Pop Up Instructions
Pop Up Instructions

Setting time delay, choosing which pages to show the popup on, embedding the popup, using it on Wordpress

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Pop ups are one of the most popular methods for websites to bring in subscribers from the traffic that comes onto their pages. Now you can run a quiz as a popup on your website, and customize the settings on it so it behaves perfectly for maximum lead generation.

Here's what the popup looks like when it shows up on a website.

That's a full-screen popup with a semi-opaque background on it. You can still see the website in the background, and there is a giant "X" in the top right corner so if someone doesn't want to take your quiz they don't have to and they can just exit out of it and not take the quiz at all.

Installing the Pop Up on your website

1. First you have to make the quiz

2. Then you install the quiz onto your website to run as a popup


From inside of interact click "share & embed"

Then click on "Use as Popup on your Website" to choose that option and see how to set it up.

Then click "Wordpress Plugin" to access the interact Wordpress plugin.

From here you can download and install the wordpress plugin to set up the pop up on your wordpress site

In interact copy the promotion ID

Inside of Wordpress paste the promotion ID into the settings for interact

Other Platforms:

We have a javascript embed you can add to the header of any website.

3. Finally customize the visibility settings for the popup so it shows up at the right time and on the right pages

You can choose how you want the quiz to appear, the background color, etc. and also choose whether the cover page of the quiz should appear or if it should just start with the first question. You can also choose how long after someone lands on your website they see the popup, and how long after they've closed it the pop up re-appears if they exit out of it.

Selecting which pages the popup shows on:

Interact supports various rules for when the Pop Up shows or doesn't show. 

1) Choose if all rules need to be matched OR if any one of the rules need to be matched to show promotions

2) Show if the path has to be "exactly matches", "does not exactly matches", "contains", or "does not contain"

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