Part 5: Promoting Your Quiz

How to promote your quiz on your website and on Facebook in order to get people to take it

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We have a brand new course for 2022! Updated with all of the latest tips and tricks for your best possible quiz.

To access the options for this section, go to your interact dashboard then click "edit" and choose "Share & Embed"

To start off the promotion of your quiz, you'll want to pick a place for it to "live" we HIGHLY recommend embedding it on your website so that when people take your quiz they'll be going to your website. Below is an example of how that looks on an actual site, you'll notice that the URL is which is on her domain.

We have specific guides for embedding quizzes on every platform, click yours below for instructions.
Custom HTML Site

If you absolutely cannot embed your quiz in your website for some reason, then we do have a fallback option. You can use a dedicated page that has the quiz on it, but the URL looks like so you're sending people to a URL not your own website.

Embedding the quiz (or if you chose to use the interact page) is the base layer where your quiz resides. Once you have that set up then you'll want to start driving traffic to that page, or use a few other tools that we have built in for promoting your quiz. 

You can setup your quiz to become a popup on your website using our script that you can add to the header of your website. Here are the PopUp Technical Instructions and when you get it set up here's what it looks like.

To setup an announcement bar on your site, select that option from the "Share and Embed" option of the interact menu. Here are the Announcement Bar Technical Instructions for putting the script to make this work on your website. Once it's on your website here's how it will function. 

The announcement bar will show on your website.

When someone clicks the "Take The Quiz" button the quiz will popup without making them leave the page OR you can have it direct people to that page where you have your quiz embedded (which is why it's important that gets set up first). If you choose the popup on button click option this is what it'll look like.

On Facebook, you will reconstruct your quiz cover as a Facebook post or Ad. Here's what it will look like. 

To use this option, here are Detailed Instructions on running your quiz as a Facebook Ad and we also have an (Advanced) Integration Facebook Pixel for tracking conversions on Facebook ads manager.

To complete this module:

  1. Embed your quiz onto your website

  2. Promote your quiz using an announcement bar, popup, or Facebook ad

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