To start off, I'm going to be in Facebook creating an audience that I want to reach with this quiz. If you already have audiences set up in Facebook you can skip this step, but I'm going to set up a new one for this walk-through. 

Part 1: Set up your Facebook audience that you'll be marketing to
Part 2: Set up your Facebook conversion pixels for when people reach quiz results, which means they have become a lead
Part 3: Construct your Facebook ad

Part 1: Set up your Facebook audience that you'll be marketing to

In my Facebook ads manager I'm going to click "Ads Manager" and then "Audiences" so I I can to where I want to be so I can create a new audience for reaching with this quiz.

Once I'm in the audience manager, I want to create a new audience, so I'm going to click "Create New Audience" and then "Custom Audience" this will allow me to upload a list of contacts that will make up the audience I want to reach with my quiz ad. We recommend starting with this, so for example, you could upload your blog newsletter list and then create a lookalike audience based off of that, we'll go over creating that lookalike audience in a minute.

Now I'm going to upload a file with my contact list in it. There are other options for creating audiences, but by uploading a list of your existing contacts and using that as the basis for your overall audience, you'll ensure that you are reaching people who are similar to the ones who already engage with your brand.

Now I'm going to select "Add customers from your own file or copy and paste data" but you could also import directly from Mailchimp if you host your list over there. Since not all of our customers use Mailchimp I'll show the upload method. 

Once I select to upload my own file, Facebook has a super sweet walk-through we can follow to upload the file and get everything set up. The first step is to upload my file of contacts. So we'll click the "upload file" button to grab that.

I already prepared my file of contacts and stripped out all the data except the email addresses, but you can use the identifiers listed in the previous screenshot as well. Once I click the "Upload File" button I'll be able to select my list of contacts from where it's stored on my computer

Once I upload the file, the second step is to map the data in the file to data points within Facebook. Facebook will automatically identify the fields, and since I just have emails in my file this step is quick.

Now Facebook will check my contacts to make sure they are all good. Once that's complete I'll be able to move forward and create a lookalike audience based on the contact list I just uploaded. Basically that means that Facebook will go out and find people who are similar to the ones already on my list so I can advertise to them. I'm going to click the "Create a Lookalike Audience" button to get started with that.

Now you'll have options for setting up your lookalike audience, usually I just go with the "1" on audience size, which will still bring in a lot of people to the audience, and I try to limit the audience based on country so you're only reaching the languages you support

Once you confirm the audience Facebook will automatically start creating it. You'll need to wait about 15 minutes for them to complete the creation of the audience. Once it's done you'll see it says "Ready" and has a green dot next to it. Now you can click "Create Ad" and start actually creating the ad for your quiz

Part 2: Set up your Facebook conversion pixels for when people reach quiz results, which means they have become a lead

Now that our audience is created, let's take a second to create the conversion event for when someone completes a quiz (which means they became a lead because in an Interact quiz the results are shown after the lead capture form).

In order to do this, you'll need your quiz set up and integrated with Facebook pixel, I'll start from the beginning and show all the steps needed to set that up, so we're all on the same page. If you've already set up your quiz, you can skip down to where I show the Facebook pixel integration

To start off, go to Interact (link to builder) and click "Create New Quiz.

With Interact, you can create quizzes from scratch, or select a template. I'm going to select a template in the marketing category. 

Now, to make sure that only people who have opted-in reach your quiz results, so you can track conversions accurately within your Facebook ads, you'll need to set up lead generation for your quiz. To do that, click "Enable lead capture and data collection for my quiz" once your selected quiz template or custom quiz loads in. 

Once you turn on lead collection, you'll be able to select what fields you want to require from people in order to see their quiz results. You'll also want to uncheck the box that allows users to skip the opt-in form, so that you know for sure people who have reached the results have actually logged in. 

Once you've selected that you'll connect to your email marketing program. We have integrations with everyone, so select your program and sign in, then you'll see a list of your lists so you can connect the quiz to whatever list you want. (you'll want to take a pause here and go create a list just for the quiz if you want to keep your leads separate)

Now select the list you want to connect to

Now you'll map the data you're collecting in your quiz to your list and the fields in it

Now save the settings once you've mapped all your data up as you'd like. And test the integration to make sure it's properly connected to your email list

Now your quiz is set up to collect leads. The next step is to connect your Facebook pixel to your quiz so you can create events for the quiz outcomes so you can track conversions and retarget based on quiz outcomes. 

Go back to your Facebook ads manager and copy the Pixel ID from the top right of the page.

Now go back to Interact and paste the Pixel ID into the Facebook pixel integration under "Conversion Tracking" in the builder (screenshot walk-through below)

Now your quiz is connected to to Facebook ads and there will be events created for each of your quiz outcomes and you can create custom conversions based on those events. Unfortunately it takes 1 hour for those events to be created in Facebook, so at this point you have to wait 1 hour.

Once the hour is up, you can move back to Facebook and set up conversions based on when people reach the results of your quiz. To do this, you'll navigate back to the "Pixels" section of your Facebook ads dashboard. 

Now click on "Create Conversion"

Then click on "Track Custom Conversions"

Now, in the "Rule" section, select "Event"

In the "Event" dropdown, select "Quiz" (NOTE: If you haven't waited an hour, sometimes an hour and a half, this event will not exist yet, it takes Facebook an hour to set up your Event -> Quiz, and that can't be rushed, so if you don't see it, that's because it hasn't been created yet, and you have to wait an hour from when you first set it up in Interact

Now in the box where it says "Choose a Parameter (optional)" you'll want to do two things. 1. Create a label for the title of your quiz, and 2. Create an action that contains all of your quiz result titles. First, set up the label for the title of the quiz result

Now, go to Interact quiz builder, and click on "Cover" then copy the title of the quiz and paste it into the box  in your Facebook ad manager next to where it says "Label" "Contains"

Now, click "and" next to where you just set up the "label" and select "action" from the drop-down menu, so you should have what looks like this

In the box next to "action" "contains" paste in all the result titles from your quiz, so you should do the following

Now, under "Category" select the appropriate category for what this conversion event is, for most cases this will be "Lead" because if someone reaches the results of a quiz that has lead capture turned on, they are a lead

Now, name your Conversion Event and save it

Now you'll need to go activate the pixel, which means you need it to fire, which means you need to take your own quiz and reach the results. In Interact, click "Share and Embed" for the quiz you just set up the Facebook pixel integration for, then copy the "Direct URL" and paste it into a new browser window

Part 3: Construct your Facebook ad

Now we're ready to go set up an ad for our quiz! In your Facebook ads manager, click "Create Ad"

Now, under "What's Your Marketing Objective" select "Conversions" because we want to get as many conversions as possible and since we set up the pixel to track conversions on our quiz we can track that

Give your campaign a name, I just put "Digital Marketing Quiz" for simplicity

Now we'll start putting together the targeting for our ad. The first step is to set up the conversion event, and from the drop-down we'll select "Quiz Leads" which is what we named our conversion event when we set it up above.

Next, we'll set our audience, which we set up at the beginning of this guide, I'll select the lookalike audience from the list of contacts I uploaded. For now this is all the targeting I'm going to do with my audience because I've already set everything up, so that's all I want to do

Under placements, I'm going to leave it as "Automatic Placements" but if you want to specify placement on different devices etc. you can do that as well

The final step on the first part of setting up this ad is to set up budget and delivery. I'm going to set this up for $20/day and running all the time, but you can change those if you want

Now click "Continue" and we'll get to setting up the actual ad. The first two things you'll do on this screen is name your ad and select the ad type. Again I just named it "Digital Marketing Quiz" and set the ad type as "Single Image" because the most effective ads are simply recreations of what the quiz itself looks like.

Now set up the actual ad. There are three elements to cover. 

  1. The URL of the ad, which I'm going to use the direct URL of the quiz for, you can also paste in the URL where you have the quiz embedded if you are embedding it onto your website or a landing page
  2. The ad Headline, which should match the title of the quiz
  3. The ad text, which should be a short teaser to entice people to click the ad

Now make sure the Facebook pixel is green dotted at the bottom of the page, and place your order for the ad to start running

Once you place your order, wait 15 minutes for Facebook to approve your ad and it will start running. 

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