One of the most asked questions here at Interact is “How do I embed my quiz into a facebook tab?” Having a quiz right within your facebook page is a very effective way to reach an audience that might not ever be on your website. First, you’ll need a quiz to use, for a guide on creating a Buzzfeed-style quiz, click here


How to set it up:

Step 1: Install a tab, we recommend static html iframes

Step 2: Grab your html embed code from Interact

Embed codes work the same way as a youtube video embed. Just copy the code and paste it into the tab.

Step 3: Drop the embed into your new facebook tab

You’ll see a tab called index.html – that just means the main part of your tab. Paste the code from interact into this page to have your quiz show up.


Step 4: Click ‘save and publish’ and you’re ready to go!

Check out this example from the UC Davis associated students page. They created a quiz aimed at new students to help them get to know the school and its history. The quiz is embedded in a tab to act as a more permanent part of the page instead of like a status update that quickly disappears.

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