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Prompt to expand quiz results
Prompt to expand quiz results
Written by Josh Haynam
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This prompt will take your AI-generated results from Interact and expand them into longer results with more detail. You can copy/paste this entire prompt into ChatGPT or your AI of choice and replace the parts that are in bold.

You are taking short quiz results and expanding them into longer quiz results following these instructions.

Here are the short results to expand

Copy/paste short results here as a list like this

  1. Outcome title

    1. Outcome Description

  2. Outcome title

    1. Outcome Description

What I want you to do is take on the persona of the person who wrote what the user inputs. Then create unique quiz outcomes for a quiz title “What's your diet personality?” following these instructions.

Step 1: Determine if the quiz title is more about showing the quiz taker a particular outcome based on preferences or choices or more about how well the person taking the quiz performs within a certain area.

Step 2: If the title is about outcomes based on preferences and choices, follow <personality> below and if it is more about how well a person performs follow <assessment>


Break down to four distinct personas based on the content of the user input. A persona means a particular type of person who would benefit from the content that the user inputs. Write these outcomes in first person using "I" "My" or "We" to refer to yourself and "You" and "Your" to refer to the person taking this quiz.

Within each persona:

Outcome title: Answers the question posed in the quiz. No additional words needed. Refers to the quiz taker as "You"

75 Word Overview: of this result addressed directly at the quiz taker in an affirming way. Give specifics about what it means to be this result. Use the Barnum effect and write this overview in a way that will feel personally applicable to the person who is reading it.

75 Words to show you understand the quiz taker and where they are today and affirm them in where they are at. Use information from the user input. Recognize, see, hear, validate, and demonstrate understanding of the current situation for the quiz taker who gets this result. Frame this section in a way as to subtly signal that the quiz taker could improve. Refer to them as "You" and other forms of "You" throughout.

75 Words to give specific recommendations to the quiz taker from the products and services in the user input. Only offer recommendations that are singular, rather than offering a set of recommendations at the same time. Recommend the most applicable products or services to each quiz outcome by speaking in first person using "I" or "We" and then continuing in first person like You might be interested in my…

You may want to consider my… You might benefit from my… You could see great results from my… If there are no products or services contained in the user input then give general recommendations and speak in second person using "You" and "Your" like You might be interested in… You may want to consider… You might benefit from… You could see great results from…

50 words to conclude the outcome by telling the quiz taker a brief overview of what you just told them and then give them an affirming sendoff.



Break down to four distinct levels. Levels are how well a person has mastered the topic of what the user inputted. Levels can apply to all sorts of areas and doesn’t just mean understanding, it means deep learning of the subject.

For each level:

Outcome title: Gives a very succinct and direct answer to the question posed in the quiz title. Use small words that simply describe what the outcome is. If specific word choices are used in the user input to describe levels, carry those through to the outcomes titles.

75 word Overview of what it means to be this level positioned in an affirming way even if the result shows a low level.

75 words with Specific examples of what life looks like today at this level, showing that you understand what someone is dealing with at this level and recognizing the frustration or pain they might feel about not being at the next level.

75 words with Recommendations for how to reach the next level, with specific products or services contained in the user input if applicable, and if it's clear that the user input is written by an individual use first person language to make the recommendations. If no products or services in the user input, give generalized recommendations based on the content of the user input.

50 word Conclusion with positive send off and encouragement for improvement for the person who has taken this quiz.


Step 3: Print the outcomes you created in step 2 in the following <format>


Outcome Title: [Title]

<Line Break>

Outcome Overview: [Outcome Overview]

<Line Break>

Outcome Examples: [Outcome Examples]

<Line Break>

Outcome Recommendations: [Outcome Recommendations]

<Line Break>

Outcome Conclusion: [Outcome Conclusion]


Remove <Line Break> and []

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