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Create a QR code to your quiz
Create a QR code to your quiz

Follow these steps to create a scannable QR code for your quiz.

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Note: You'll need a quiz to get started. If you don't have one yet have a quiz made for you with InteractAI.

Step 1: Copy the link to your quiz.

If you want to use the URL from Interact, login to your dashboard and click Share & Embed inline with the quiz you're adding to the QR code. On the popup, click Copy Link.

Step 2: Open or login to your preferred QR code generating platform. For this example, we'll use QR Code Monkey's free service.

Step 3: Paste the link to your quiz into the Your URL field, or wherever your platform asks for the destination link. This will be the page that appears once someone scans your code.

Step 4: If desired, update any other customizations or settings then click Create QR code, or generate the code in your desired platform.

Step 5: Download the code and share it in marketing assets like videos, on slides at speaking engagements, your own business card, or wherever your ideal customers might be hanging out, online or in real life!

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