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Create a custom affiliate link
Create a custom affiliate link

Create an affiliate link to specific Interact webpages and blog posts.

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Step 1: Find and copy the link to the Interact web page or blog post you want to link to. We recommend these top blogs and sites:

Note: You can create custom links to any page, including our blog posts. Please do not create custom links to help docs or to pages like as they are not coded to track your Partnerstack stats. If you have questions, please reach out to

Step 2: In your Partnerstack account, select the Links section.

Step 3: Choose Create a Custom Link.

Step 4: Complete the details in the slide out then click Create Link.

  • Link title and Link description: name the link and describe it so you know what it's for. Only you will see this.

  • Link customization: add a preferred slug to your custom link. Your referrals will see this.

  • Link destination: paste in the link from step 1, to the desired Interact webpage or blog post.

Your custom links appear in your Partnerstack dashboard so you can copy them to start sharing everywhere you promote Interact!

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