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How to connect Podia to Interact
How to connect Podia to Interact

Connect your quiz to Podia using Zapier.

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Note: You'll need a quiz to follow these steps.

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Step 1: Open the quiz in your Interact Quiz Maker Account and toggle On the Lead Generation button. Configure the quiz opt in form to your liking then click Save & Continue.

Step 2: Choose Zapier from the list of direct integrations.

Step 3: Copy the Interact API key and open your Zapier account.

Setup Zapier with Interact

Step 4: Click + Create Zap.

Step 5: Click Trigger, then search and select Interact as the Trigger App. Select New Lead as the Trigger Event and click Continue.

Step 6: Click Choose, then click + Connect a new account, and paste the Interact API Key you copied in Step 13, and click Yes, Continue to Interact.

Step 7: Click Continue then choose your quiz from the Quiz dropdown and click Continue.

Step 8: Test your connection to Interact by clicking Test Trigger. This will pull in test leads, ie. Lead A. Click Continue.

Step 9: Search and choose Podia as the Action App. Then choose Subscribe someone from the Event dropdown and click Continue.

Step 10: Log in to your Podia account and click Continue.

Step 11: Update the following fields and also match up any other fields that you have on your Interact quiz opt in form, ie. Last Name then click Continue.

  • Tag: Choose one of your quiz result tags from the dropdown

  • Email: choose the Interact email option

  • First name: choose the Interact first name option

Step 12: Click the + icon between the Trigger and Action boxes in your Zap and choose Filter.

Step 13: Update the following fields then click Continue.

  • Choose field: Choose Tag from the dropdown

  • Choose condition: choose (Text) Contains from the dropdown

  • Enter text or insert data: Type of copy/paste your quiz result title (as it matches the result title in Interact)

Step 14: At the bottom of the Zap, click Test Action to confirm the Zap works. Note, the test lead’s email must contain the quiz result so they pass through the filter you just added. If so, click Publish.

Step 15: Repeat steps 4 through 14 for each of your quiz results. You should have 1 Zap per quiz result.

Step 16: Return to Interact and press Activate Connection to finish the set up within Interact.

Step 17: Click Publish, then click Publish Changes.

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