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How to use InteractAI Quiz Maker
How to use InteractAI Quiz Maker

Instructions on how to create quizzes using the Interact AI quiz maker. Build your quiz in 5 minutes using the AI automated generator.

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Path A

No, I don't have a quiz idea. I'd like to see what AI recommends for me.

1. What’s your website URL?

You can input your main website URL if you want a quiz that works for your whole business. If you want to create a quiz based on one specific URL, like a high performing blog post or course, you can input that URL.

Note: We cannot read social profiles at this time, it must be a website URL

2. What does your business do?

Answer this question stream of consciousness, say whatever comes to mind first, because you want it to be the essence of your business. You can be as wordy as you want and the AI will pick out specifics.

If you want to get advanced, here’s the structure of what the AI will look for so you can optimize your answer:

Answer: [Who you are] + [Your specific expertise or specialization]


  • I am a life coach with specific expertise in finding purpose and fulfillment for empty nesters.

  • I am a wellness expert dedicated to guiding individuals towards mindful eating and achieving their health objectives without fixating on their diet.

  • I am a financial coach who helps people understand their emotions as they relate to money so they can reach their financial goals.

3. What is the most common problem you help customers solve?

This is what people ask you all the time, if you’ve been running your business for a while you probably know this so well it’s like a trope that plays over and over again in your head. For us, it is “What kind of quiz would work for my business?” for a lot of our clients who are coaches it’s something like “What is holding me back from reaching some goal or life outcome related to the area of coaching?”

Here’s the formula for how the Ai will use your answer if you want to optimize your response:

Answer: [The question] + [How they want the question to be answered]


  • How do I lose weight in a healthy way?

  • How do I grow my business sustainably?

  • How do I achieve more freedom in life without sacrificing all of my time?

  • How do I save more money without being restricted in my purchases?

4. Are there specific topics or audiences you want your quiz to address?

Answer: [Specific people you want to take your quiz] + [Specific areas or subjects]


  • I want to focus on healthy eating for people who are professionals and have to be at their desks a lot.

  • I want to focus on people who make a good income but are not able to save money because of poor habits driven by their emotional spending patterns.

  • I want to find out how happy doctors are and discover how to make their work more fulfilling. Your feedback will help me create better support for physicians.

  • The quiz should be written for someone who is in a relationship and wondering whether their relationship is toxic.

  • The quiz is for people throwing Henna parties so it should be written for the hosts of parties who are thinking about how to throw the most fun Henna party.

Path B

I have a quiz idea, but not a specific title.

1. What’s your quiz idea?

Tell the AI what your idea is in detail, give specifics and as much context as you can. The AI will use this to construct specific quiz titles that reference your idea, so the more you can give unique details about your idea the better it will be at recommending quiz titles for you.

Path C

I have an exact quiz I want to make.

1. What’s your quiz title?

We recommend quiz titles be posed as a question directly to your ideal quiz taker. If you make the quiz about the person taking the quiz, they are more likely to take the quiz and become a lead if that’s your goal.

2. Specific outcome instructions

If you are inputting specific outcomes, here are some general guidelines and best practices to follow:

  • Outcome Titles: Make the titles short, literal, and descriptive. Most people taking quizzes glance at these quickly, so they should be able to immediately know what the outcome is by glancing at the title.

  • Outcome Descriptions: Make your descriptions positively reaffirming and offer up suggestions for improvement or buying products in the context of “you are doing great, and here’s how you can be even better by working with me or buying my products.

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