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How To Connect GA4 Google Analytics to Interact
How To Connect GA4 Google Analytics to Interact

This article will go over the steps required to connect GA4 to your Interact Quiz.

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GA4 Integration is only available on Growth and Pro subscription plans.

Steps for connecting Google Analytics to your Interact quizzes:

Find your GA4 Measurement ID

1. Log into your Google Analytics account, your Measurement ID can be found in the admin settings for your account. Click Admin on the bottom left corner of the side bar:

2. Next open the drop down for Data collection and modifications and click on Data streams:

3. Then click on your data stream to expand the view:

4. Here you will find your Measurement ID to copy and paste to use in the following steps:

Connect GA4 tracking to your Interact quiz

1. Log in to your Interact dashboard and click Edit next to the quiz you wish to connect GA4 to:

2. After clicking Edit, the editor for your quiz will be open. From here you can click on Conversion Tracking to add in your measurement ID:

3. Now that conversion tracking is open, click + Connect on Google Analytics 4. Here is where you'll be able to copy and paste the Measurement ID from the previous steps.

These are the events and parameters that are available with GA4 tracking and your Interact quiz.

Events sent to GA4:

  • Interact.QuizView: Quiz taker views your quiz

  • Interact.QuizStart: Quiz taker clicks button to start quiz

  • Interact.QuizQuestionResponse: Quiz taker answers an individual quiz question

  • Interact.QuizCompletion: Quiz taker completes all quiz questions and sees quiz result

  • Interact.QuizFormSubmit: Quiz taker submits opt-in form

Event parameters:

  • event_category: Quiz ID

  • event_label: Quiz title, quiz question title (for Interact.QuizQuestionResponse event), or quiz result title (for Interact.QuizCompletion event)

There are some default events automatically sent over as well. Including page_view, form_start and others. These can be configured in GA4 settings for specific data streams. More information can be found here.

4. Press save to apply your GA4 measurement ID to your quiz. Next you'll want to to press Publish in the top right corner of the builder so you can grab the share URL for your quiz to start testing.

5. Take your quiz a few times through to start sending events over to Google Analytics. You can also verify that these events are properly firing by downloading the Google Analytics debugger extension for Chrome.

Analyze events in Google Analytics dashboard

1. Now you'll want to access and view the events sent over to Google Analytics from your quiz. You can access this by clicking on Reports β†’ Examine user behavior β†’ Events:

2. Your events tab will look something along the lines of this once your quiz events have populated:

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for the events to fully populate in Google Analytics. You'll be able to verify if the events were sent over immediately in the real time section in the mean time:

Utilizing your event data sent to Google Analytics

1. To start filtering and utilizing the the event data being sent over, you're going to need to add these event parameters into Custom Dimensions. You can do so by going into Admin β†’ Data display β†’ Custom definitions:

2. Then head into Custom dimensions:

3. From here you're going to want to add a custom dimension for your event_category and event_label. Formatted like below:

4. Once you've saved these custom dimensions, your custom definitions page should look like this:

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