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How to make a quiz with InteractAI
How to make a quiz with InteractAI
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Step 1: Access and click Create a quiz.

Step 2: Add your website URL to the Website URL field then click Next.

Step 3: For the best results, choose Yes, I have a title in mind!

Step 4: Add in your quiz title idea, if you're not sure tell us...

  • The number 1 question your audience is always asking you

  • The transformation you help your audience make

  • What you want your quiz to do, ie. boost sales for your course, share your free e-book, etc.

Be clear and concise here, don't strive for creativity as we have AI for that 😊

Step 5: If you have a general idea of the outcomes you want to give your quiz leads (in other words, answers to your quiz title) choose Yes, I have specific outcomes. Again, be clear and concise to instruct AI as much as possible. If you're not sure, click No, have AI generate for me.

Step 6: Add your email to link or create your Interact account.

Step 7: While InteractAI is in assisted beta, please expect your quiz to arrive via email within 24-48 hours.

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