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Add Quiz to Link in Bio
Add a quiz to your Stan Store (link in bio)
Add a quiz to your Stan Store (link in bio)

Add your quiz link as a call to action in your link in bio with Stan Store.

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Note: You'll need a quiz to follow these steps.

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Step 1: Click on My Store, then click on + Add Product.

Step 2: Click on External Link / URL

Step 3: Open your Interact account, click Share & Embed on the quiz you want to include.

Step 4: Then click Copy Link on the Share Link tab.

Step 5: Complete the fields to show off your quiz and paste the link from step 4 in the Button URL section. We recommend:

  • Thumbnail Preview: Choose the Callout format.

  • Button Image: Upload your quiz image here.

  • Heading: Include your quiz title.

  • Subheading: Include your quiz description to show off why someone should take your quiz.

  • Button Title: Write something that gets them excited to start your quiz like, Take quiz! Or Find out now!

Step 6: Click Publish

Step 7: If you haven’t already, click Copy and share the link to your store with your new leads and customers!

Make a quiz in 2 minutes with AI

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