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How To Add a Quiz On Your Square Online Store (Formerly Weebly)
How To Add a Quiz On Your Square Online Store (Formerly Weebly)

5 easy steps to embedding your quiz into your Weebly site

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In this guide we will look at how you can embed a quiz to your Square online store. Square online was formerly known as Weebly until Weebly was integrated into Square online.

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Here are the overall steps:

Add an embed code section to your Square online store on any page

'From your Square online dashboard, navigate to the "Website" section and then click "Add Section" on the page where you wan to embed your quiz.

Choose "embed code" under the "Add section" Menu

Now you'll see an open embed and there is a section on the left sidebar to paste in your embed code

Copy your quiz embed code from interact quiz builder

From your interact dashboard click "Publish" or "Share & Embed" to open the embed code options. On the left side click "Embed Code" then choose the "Javascript" embed option and click "Copy Code"

Paste your quiz embed code from interact quiz builder into your embed section on your Square online store

Go back to your Square online store and paste in your embed code. Now your quiz will appear in the embed code section of your site.

Now you can see your quiz live on your site!

(Optional step) redirect your quiz results to product pages on your Square online store

If you want to redirect to your own product pages instead of using the built-in quiz results builder in interact it's easy to do so. Simply create categories of product pages for each of your quiz results like the example below.

Then go into interact and choose the redirect results option (more on that here). Paste in the URL of your product collection pages on your Square site. Note: Square online does not support the redirection of the host page, so the product collection pages will show up within the frame of your embedded quiz rather than going to a completely new page. You'll need to account for that with the size of the frame you choose when embedding the quiz.

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