1. Login to Squarespace and click on "Pages"

You can select a current page of your site or create a brand new page dedicated to the quiz if you'd like.

2. Once you've selected the page you want the quiz on, click "edit" in the top left.

This will bring up the editor for the page you've selected.

3. Add a section and code block to your page by clicking "Add Section"

If there is already content on the page you are adding the quiz too, find a good place for the quiz and add the section in there. In this example, we are using a brand new page with no content on it.

You can then click the "+" sign within the section to add content, for quiz embeds we will be using a code block.

4. Grab your Interact embed code

So now you need the embed code for your quiz, you can do this by clicking "Share+Embed" next to your quiz in the dashboard. Obviously you’ll need to make a quiz first, so if you aren’t there yet, go to Interact and make the quiz you want. You can set the size of your quiz from within Interact by typing in the height and width you want, be sure to play with various sizes to find the optimal one for your Squarespace page.

5. Paste into the Squarespace code block

You can see below that I pasted in the iFrame code from Interact into the Squarespace code block html editor. If it was a success you’ll see the quiz preview pop up on the page in real time, if not then double check your code to make sure it pasted in correctly. Our Javascript code can work with Squarespace as long as your site does not utilize "ajax loading", this feature can conflict with Javascript content. More on that here: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000253288-Ajax-loading. Something to note, when using Javascript embeds on Squarespace, a preview of the quiz will not be viewable in the editor (image of what this looks like below).

iFrame embed

Javascript embed

Now you have a quiz embedded on Squarespace!

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