In this article we will look at how you can embed your interact quiz into your Showit landing page. Before beginning this process you'll need to create a quiz for your site.

Here's a video version if you prefer.

Step 1: Login to Leadpages and open the landing page you want to embed your quiz on.

Step 2: Click “Widgets” from the menu then click and drag “<HTML>” to the desired location on the landing page.

Step 3: Open your interact dashboard and click “Share & Embed” on your quiz you want to add to the Leadpages landing page.

Step 4: Click on “Embed Code” on the left sidebar, and click the “Javascript” tab.

Step 5: Toggle on the buttons for “Auto resize embed to fit quiz content” and “Use custom embed size” then change the width of the dimensions to 1,500.

Step 6: Click “Copy Code” then go back to Leadpages and hover over the HTML widget you just created.

Step 7: Click the pencil icon and paste the embed code into the Leadpages <HTML> embed box. The embed code starts with <div. Immediately after that add align=”center” so it appears: <div align=”center” to center the quiz on all devices regardless of screen size.

Step 8: Click “Save.”

Step 9: Click "Update."

Preview your quiz on mobile and desktop to make sure everything functions as desired.

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