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How to Embed Into Wordpress
How to Embed Into Wordpress

Use the WordPress plugin to embed into WordPress

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Haven't made a quiz yet? Use interact to make one now

Step 1: Go to your Interact dashboard ( and click the "share and embed"

Step 2: Click "Embed in your Website or Landing Page"

Step 3: Click the "WordPress" tab and then click the "Interact WordPress Plugin" link to access our WordPress plugin page

Step 4: Download the interact WordPress plugin and upload it to WordPress


OR You can go to WordPress and click "Add New Plugin"

Then search for "interact"

The interact plugin will be the first result called "Interact: Embed A Quiz On Your Site" you can install the plugin directly from here

Step 5: After the interact WordPress plugin is installed, go back to your interact dashboard and click "Copy Shortcode to Clipboard"

Step 6: Paste the shortcode into your WordPress page or post under the "text" view mode

Click "Publish" and your quiz is live on your WordPress site

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