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Create your quiz nurture series
Create your quiz nurture series

This workshop covers the quiz nurture (welcome) series with Interact Consultant, Linda Sidhu.

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Your customers want to hear from you, so it’s essential to build your relationship and connect with your new leads when they become part of your inner-circle.

One of the ways to connect with your audience is through a nurture (welcome) series after they subscribe to your list.

Interact Consultant, Linda Sidhu, lays it all out for you in her Nurture Series workshop.

Click here for closed captioning on our Youtube version.

Here's what she covers:

  • The 5-email magic formula for a drool-worthy nurture series (including what subject lines to use that’ll increase your open rates.)

  • Exactly when to start selling in your nurture series (spoiler alert an email list should be a list of customers, and it’s completely ok to sell to them even in your welcome series.)

  • When to send your emails (hint: quiz takers come in hot, so there’s a huge opportunity here to warm them up even more by spacing out your emails a certain way.)

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