This workshop is on quiz funnels for Course Creators and features the perfect pair to help you increase your profit and turn strangers into students. We are honored to have insight from our Integration Partner, Podia, on using their platform to optimize courses.

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Here's what the training covers:

⭐️ The belief bridge you need to build to take your subscribers from strangers to students (+ why quizzes are like hiring a pro construction crew)

⭐️ Why quizzes and online courses go together better than salt ‘n pepper — it has a little something to do with the power of interactive content, personalization, segmentation, and the scalable and accessible nature of courses.

⭐️ The 3 rules of success quiz funnels and a checklist that leaves no digital stone unturned so that implementing this strategy is a matter of ticking off boxes instead of ticking off your brain.

⭐️ How to tie your quiz and course into a tempting bundle and forever ditch “tech troubles” using Interact + Podia

Integrate with Podia

By using Interact's Zapier integration, you can send new email subscribers collected using quizzes to your existing Podia account.

Click here to view the Interact + Podia integration.

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