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Affiliate Terms and Conditions
Affiliate Terms and Conditions
These are the T&C for our affiliate program.
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  • New affiliates are required to complete the application. Once approved Interact may request further information to verify legitimacy of business.

  • More than 2 failed payments, cancelled referrals, or customer disputes will require further investigation and may result in declined payouts and/or removal from our program.

  • We reserve the right to hold or decline any payout deemed fraudulent or suspected fraudulent. Any activity of an affiliate deemed fraudulent an affiliate will result in declined payouts, removal from program, and possible prosecution.

  • Payouts are distributed within 60 days of the period close.

  • Affiliates are rewarded 30% commission in perpetuity for every legitimate sale. If a referral cancels mid-month or mid-year, Interact reserves the right to clawback or decline future payouts pertaining to this affiliate if cancellations persist.

  • Strategic Partners are required to have new signups or sales each new quarter. Failure to produce new signups or sales may result in cancellation of partnership and Interact reserves the right to charge fees for their Interact account. (please see the Strategic Partner details page for more information)

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