This is an Interact sponsored training that previously launched as a live, online workshop. Strategic Partners and Consultants, Linda and Wendy from The Email Collection, share their personality quiz framework.

Below the video is a written transcript of the training.

Here's what we cover:

  • Why quizzes are the fastest, most effective, and offer the best ROI for a lead magnet. You'll go from from stressing “what to write” to making the quiz magic happen with this easy-to-follow 3-part formula.

  • How to avoid the four biggest mistakes when it comes to creating a quiz.

  • The ingenious Quiz Quadrant framework that will give you everything you need to strategize your quiz.

Wendy 0:00

So Hi everybody, we are so excited to be here. We are going to be going over our quiz quadrant workshop and the ideas how to create a quiz that will make your audience think you're a mind reader. I've seen a couple people ask again if there's going to be recording and there is so we have so much cool stuff to review with you guys today, get a pen, write it down, but if you don't touch everything, there's going to be a recording. So keep an eye open, we'll send it out afterwards. So we know we've all been looking for a way to engage our audience without feeling salesy. Just know you're in the right place if you're looking for a shareable lead magnet for your business, so we've been there where you're trying to share it all yourself. Imagine having a lead magnet that works for you. So not only is it fun and easy for you to share, but it's also fun and easy for your customers and your audience to share. You want to stand out in a busy marketplace. So once you start building your business, it's so much fun, but you hear a lot of noise. There's a lot of people in your industry, a quiz is a really great way to differentiate your business. And really stand out and talk to your customers in a unique way. You're looking to build trust and confidence for your customers and your business, a quizzes, the great way to do that, because you lead with your customers, you get to know them first. And they start to know like and trust you before any of the details of your functionality and services and prices come into play. So it really kicks off the relationship in a strong way. You're looking for an automated sales funnel for your business. So I love this one. The quiz is an amazing opportunity to set up a funnel, turn it on, and it runs for you. So Linda, and I have people signing up in our email list in the middle of the night. We don't have to greet everybody at the front door. We don't miss anybody that comes in. We get to say hi to every single person and make them feel welcome. It's all set up on automation. And the most important piece is segmenting your list for increased conversion. So obviously we're all here to grow a business, we want to engage the right customers, and we want to increase sales. So quizzes are amazing for segmenting your audience and being able to talk to people, personally on a personal level. So based on what they've told the things that they've told you, and then also where they're at in their business, you can customize your communication for them. So you're also in the right place if you're looking for a fun and engaging way to engage your customers. So not only do you want to differentiate yourself, but you want to have fun and engage your customers in a way that feels fun and inspiring for them. You want to create a personal connection for your customers. So instead of having one size fits all products and services, it really feels customized and personal for each of the people in your audience. People love learning about themselves and includes your customer and your audience. So we've all I think most of us have signed up for a quiz in our life. And I love taking quizzes. The more you get into it, the more you're excited to learn about yourself, excited to get chips about yourself and excited just to get a little bit more insight into yourself. Everybody loves this, like I said, including your customers, it's a great way to get them engaged. And then this one's big, providing a relevant solution and next steps for your customers. So instead of just talking at your customers, engaging them where they're at, and then giving them tips and tricks and tools based on where they're at in their life, or what they're looking for is such a great way to start to engage them into your business on a really small scale to build that know like and trust. And ultimately, we're looking for ways to inspire our audience. So we all want to be an inspiration. We want them to feel like they're a part of your business and they're really inspired to take the next steps. And go deeper into your business with you. So we call it a little bit of quiz magic, what we do is we take the quiz, we attach the welcome series, we attach the offer, once you're going to go in that you have your passive income coming in on autopilot. So these essentially are the steps that we're going to be talking through with you today. So we've partnered with Interact, and we feel so grateful to be strategic partners of them and certified consultants. The reason that we love Interact is they've been around for a while. So there's so many new people in the industry, and it might be fun or flashy, but we really trust what Interact’s doing. We love how much experience they've had in the business and in the industry. And then we love how they're constantly learning and growing based on their customers' feedback. So we're more than excited to be partners with interactive, more than excited to be here.

Wendy 4:57

And then a little bit more about us. So I'm Wendy, I was the director of site experience at Expedia. So we launched and managed a lot of the new products for the front end of the website. And most of these came around personalization, customization, all to increase conversion and optimization for the site. So when we started in on quizzes, it immediately clicked. I got so excited, and it was a perfect fit for me. I have over 20 years of e commerce experience growing online businesses, and a little fun fact, I love travel. So I've visited over 21 countries and I've lived in three outside of the US, including Denmark, UK and Spain.

Linda 5:40

And I'm Linda Siddhu. I am the other half of the email collection and prior to staying at home with my son for a little bit. I was actually in pharmaceutical sales and dermatology, and that's where I learned a lot about personalities, how to understand them and how to sell to them. It came full circle to when we wanted to create our quiz and now we're going to be teaching about personality quizzes, and my superpower I love to think outside the box. I enjoy coming up with creative hooks, lead magnets that bring in new subscribers and on autopilot. And a fun fact about me I- if you weren't here earlier - I mentioned I'm from Ohio. I used to raise pigs. And I was in the FFA, so any FFA members out there with me, please give me a shout out. And together we're the email collection we have created our own quiz and it became the straight strategy behind a profitable business. So now we help other entrepreneurs create quizzes for their lead magnet and help them grow.

Wendy 6:50

So one of our favorite slides How did we do it? We did it with a quiz. So this chart shows our subscribers growth based on our quiz funnel We grew our lists by 75%, the first week and over 300% in 60 days. We had so much fun building our quiz that we decided to start building quizzes for some of our clients. So these are examples of quizzes that we've built. Our quiz is at the top and build your lead magnet based on your pop diva personality we built, Were you born to be an influencer, quiz. And if your mindset had a fashion style, what would it be? We've had so much fun getting creative and playing with all different industries. The born to be an influencer quiz contributed to 10 k in sales, the first month it launched and over 5000 people took the quiz in the first month. The reason that we are here today is we kept noticing our clients making the same mistakes. So we're so excited to share with everybody what these are and how you can work around them and how you don't fall into that same mistake and get stuck. So the first First of all, is starting the process off incorrectly. It's so easy when you're building a quiz to jump right in, build the title page, do the questions. That's not necessarily the strategic approach that we took. And it's been working really, really well for us. I'm doing it a little bit backwards. So we're going to show you our step by step approach. Next. The next one of the biggest mistakes we see next is creating a quiz with the wrong questions. So the questions are so important. And this is how you really funnel your customers into the results. If you get the questions right, you get the results, right. And then you can really start to personalize and customize the experience based on their answers. So the questions are a huge piece of the puzzle, and then not following up with a welcome series. So believe it or not, we are all here, because we're using a quiz for lead generation for our business. So collecting those leads. It's a very, very, very important step in the quiz funnel which you mean before you deliver your results pages, you ask for their name and email, and their name and their email address. And so you can deliver their personalized customized results and add tons of value and start delivering content for them that meets their needs. And number four, not promoting your quiz effectively. So it's so important once you invest in the quiz, you put all your time and strategy and effort into it, you need to share it from the rooftops and we're going to review that as well a little bit later. So you want to know- let us know, what are you struggling most when it comes to writing your quiz is that the results; is the questions how to drive traffic to it; is it the all of the above which is very common. I think Linda and I- we bounced back through all of these when we first started our quiz to see how we're getting a lot of number fours to all the above. Yep. So comments. We're excited to walk through all of that with you guys next.

Linda 9:59

Alright, So let's get into it. Get your notebooks ready, get your pen ready. And let's do this, our step by step framework to creating a personality quiz. Step one, before we can get into any quiz creation, you have to know your customers. So what does this look like? You want to do your research, you want to make sure you have a deep understanding of who your customer is in order to solve their problem. And how you're going to figure this out as you want to ask them questions. So ideally, if you could set up interviews for five to eight people, if you could do more, that's even better. But set up interviews a half hour, just 30 minutes and see if you can fit them all in one day and ask them 10 questions or more to really find out what are their pain points, what are they struggling with? And then how can you provide a solution to help them? The answers that they're going to give you is going to Blow Your Mind. And you can use that in different content, social media posts, emails, website, you name it. So, survey your customers, you can send an email, you can request feedback. You can also search Facebook groups because we do have a lot of people say that they don't feel comfortable reaching out to their clients, or maybe their new business and they don't have any clients to reach out to at all. So if you search the magnifying glass on Facebook, for instance, Wendy and I could search quiz, we can actually see what type of questions people are asking what solutions people are offering, and get a real good insight without having to reach out to anyone. The other great way to do research is to look at Amazon book reviews, and see if your niche is similar to a book that's out there and kind of read the reviews and what people are saying about that. Step number two now that you've Done all your research and you know exactly what your offer is, and you're ready to work backwards. So we always say start from your offer and work backwards. What does this look like? So here's a great visual. Wendy brought up that we did a quiz for an influencer. And this particular client of ours, had a brand new course she was offering called influencer prep Academy. And from there, we worked backwards from her offer and developed a quiz that says, were you born to be an influencer? So that way it captured the right people and send them down the funnel to irrelevant offer. Step number three, determine and name your four personality types. So before we get into the personality types, I want to ask you, which personality quizzes Have you taken? Have you We've done the disc assessment anagram everybody loves that one Myers Briggs or all of the above, because you can't get enough. For all the above See, everybody loves quizzes. They are fun and they are shareable. And yeah, it's just relevant for your audience. And it's fun for you. All right, you guys, we used the disc profile. And we sort of made it our own framework. And what happened was we wanted to divide people up based on their personality. So you're either fast paced, or you're slow paced, or your relationship and task for task oriented. Now even though everybody has qualities that make up all four of these quadrants, you're going to fall into one quadrant over the other. So for instance, if you're a task oriented and fast paced, you're a powerhouse if your people aren't anted and fast paced, you're very passionate and you're a natural born influencer. If you're slow paced and people oriented, you're that best friend pleasant personality everybody loves. And last but not our last but not least, if you fall into the last quadrant where you're task oriented and slow paced, you represent the precise personality the analyzer.

Linda 14:25

Alright, so we're going to talk about each personality one by one, you know, Monica from friends, Beyonce, Marie Forleo, Hillary Clinton. These are natural born leaders. We call these people the powerhouse personalities. And this personality prioritizes results. The bottom line, they're action oriented. And once you discover this personality, when you're trying to sell to them or offer solutions to this personality type, they are going to trust confidence. And knowledge. So who knows they're a natural born leader. Go ahead and share in the chat chat and raise your hand. Oh, Hillary Clinton's not a powerhouse. So actually she is and she did do the tap the disc profiles, this disc actually represents her as a powerhouse personality. So even if you don't think she's a powerhouse, she is very dominant, results oriented bottom line. All right, let's go on. And so the passionate personality, this is people who are relationship oriented, but they're also fast paced, and great representations of this personality is Will Smith, Lady Gaga, Oprah and Jay Leno. And this personality is going to prioritize enthusiasm. They're action oriented, and they love relationships. And if you understand this personality type, and you're trying To offer solutions to them, the best way to gain their trust is to be open to be vulnerable and to share stories. Does anybody know if their tasks I'm sorry if they're people oriented and fast paced? That's me. So I am a natural influencer and I love people and fast paced I it's me all over the board.

Linda 16:25

Alright, there's a lot of people in here that are just like me.

Linda 16:28

I’m an influencer. Alright, next we're going to move on to the slower paced personalities, but we're going to stick with the people oriented, slower paced personality. Great representation of this personality is Michelle Obama, Rachel from friends Taylor Swift we used in our quiz and Amy Porterfield. This personality, really prioritizes sincere relationships, dependability and they like a low pressure approach. So if you qualify somebody as this person And you're trying to offer solutions. You want to make sure that they trust you. And you can gain their trust by being predictable by sharing stories, and offering testimonials and low approach to sales. And you know, what's interesting about this personality had a lot of friends actually, that fall into this quadrant. They're all really good loyal people. And one of my friends was telling me that she would never buy anything off of Black Friday sales. And if she did, that she would return it the next day just because that type of pressure doesn't work well with her, and she usually likes to be a little bit more thoughtful with her with her buying purchases. Moving on to the last quadrant is the precise personality. These people are task oriented and slower paced. Now Bill Gates is a great representation of this of Bernie brown and then we chose Adele to represent On our quadrant and our pop diva quiz, this personality really prioritizes, quality, dependability, and they too, like a low pressure approach approach. So if you identify this type of personality, the best way you can show up for them and to make them feel comfortable and trust you is to be predictable. Know your products and prove it with data points have a slow pressure approach and a low risk call to action. So the type of low risk called actions would be money back guaranteed if you're selling a course, things like that. This will help that personality, buy your product and feel comfortable at the same time. Who in here is this personality? I forgot to ask about the other one. Sorry.

Linda 18:50

Does anybody feel that that represents them?

Linda 18:54

All right. So how does this work when you create results for personnel The quiz. What Wendy and I did for our quiz is we laid out fast paced, slow paced tasks and relationship oriented. We did choose to do a personality and to have a person represent the result. You don't have to do that. We'll get to that in a second. But we did choose our pop diva quiz would be the representation of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Adele. Now here's an example of a quiz we created that use the personality approach, but it was not people oriented or a person at the end of the results. This particular quiz was a mindset coach who also worked with fashion and used it as fashion as confidence with her business. So it was really interesting approach and what we did was we used our same philosophy and divided it up into four quadrants. But instead, we chose classic for, you know, the analyzer personality. And when I was thinking about how to represent the class or the this quadrant, what made me think of Steve Jobs was the fact that he would always wear that black turtleneck every day, because he wanted to eliminate other decisions because he had so many decisions. So he had basically a uniform. So we chose classic for this particular quadrant. And this is a great example of how you can use our personality quadrant but still not have people at the end of it, you would just add an extra layer. Now, step number four, we are going to be talking about writing results that rock so now we're really going to get into the results section of your quiz. So, overhead, the step by step results outline is you want to one confirm your results. Provide your unique personality trait to that person. That'll be the first thing they see. Then you want to start to segue your business, connect their personality with pain points and start offering solutions as you get down through the page. You also want to have a section where you future paste with them help them visualize where their lives will look like once they've tried your service and offer solutions. provide free tools, downloads, give them a quick win, to not only help them but offer more support and offer more trust. Next, you also want to include a bio, because honestly, let's face it, when people are taking quizzes, they probably didn't even realize or know who you were. And so this is a great part towards the end to introduce who you are, and who made that amazing quiz. And last but not least, we really encourage you to have fun, use your personality and include different things. align with your business. For example, with our fashion mindset coach, we added mantras daily mantras to her quiz results. And for the influencer personality or for the influencer quiz, we added color palettes for branding. And for our quiz, we added a Spotify playlist. So each personality got their own list to get motivated. Next, we're going to talk about the sections of the results page a little bit further. So we're going back to confirming the results and highlighting the unique traits. So the first thing people want to see after they take their quiz is their results. And in our case, it was we're just going to use the powerhouse personality here. This person takes the quiz and it says based on your responses, your pop diva personality is beyond say, you're a natural born leader. And since we This personality is beyond say you want to start using power words to describe them. So we used immediate results efficient with your time desire to win, natural born leader and we really want to stroke their ego and make them feel like they're seen and heard and we know exactly who they are. So this is the spot where they first see it after they click, you know, see results. As you scroll down the results page, the next section is to segue your business. So how to use your pop deeper personality to make a more significant impact. increase your revenue and build your online business. This is a great section to start letting them know maybe the pain points that you hear most and how you can start offering solutions to help them.

Linda 23:54

Future pacing This is a section and the results page. That is really important for your To lead. This is where they can imagine what it would be like if they finally created a perfect lead magnet that attracted their dream clients was able to form a bridge from awareness to trust with your new leads and turn them into customers. So this is where you start telling them like this is where you're going to be once you have the solution to help your pain point. And a great thing to do and your quiz is to sprinkle and offers as to help them to help with their solutions, and offer free tools. And you can also put downloads in there. Wendy and I did this in our quiz. And we provided a few different things for people to download to gain support and to help earn trust. One of the things we added as a download was the four personality types. It was the chart we just went over and said even though you're like Beyonce, there's other people that are Like you and we kind of wanted to show them what they could do to treat those people the way they want to be seen and heard. So that was a free download. Another download we added was top 10 questions to ask your ICA. So as we told you before that doing IC research is really important. And our actual quiz results we give you 10 questions to ask your ICA so you can get started on finding out the research and information about your ideal clients. So if you want to make a quiz or some type of freebie or a lead magnet, you have that information ready to go. The other thing we added to our quiz results was top 10 tips for more profitable emails. And we also offered that Spotify playlist so really lane and extra opportunities and downloads to give them a quick win is essential to help with your success for the quiz. Now, this This is where you get into the bio. And it's towards the end of your results section because I hate to say it you guys, but they probably didn't realize they took your quiz. So this is a great section to say, Hey, wait a second, who are these email marketing May the mavens behind the quiz I just took take this moment to introduce yourself and share more about you and your expertise and why they should, you know, follow you.

Linda 26:28

Alright, so that was the results section.

Wendy 26:31

So step number five, write the perfect title that begs to be click on. So the title as we know is everything and this might actually be the only reason that people click and take your, your quiz. So it's just like social media and email, you have to have a really compelling title or a subject line to stop people in their tracks and get people to take action. Here's our recommendations on how to create a scroll stopping title. So first of all right 25 titles that will pique your readers curiosity. And this really is true. And Linda and I really do do this. And it's interesting to see the process because in my head, I know I have a good idea. And I write it out. It's okay, I write out a couple more times, it's okay, and I can progressively see it getting better. So the more you play with the different words, I also brainstorm keywords and try to see how I can fit them in. So write a ton of options down. And then once you start that brainstorming section, section, it's really easy to pick out the top five that you're really resonating with and you feel like represent your quiz the best. Once you have your top five, ask your audience. So your existing customers ideally are your ideal clients. So ask them which ones resonate most with them? If not, you can ask around ask your friends ask similar people. Ask around and get feedback of your ideal customers, which ones that they would click on and what resonates best with them. You don't have to be making this choice on your own, and then choose the one that gets the most attention the most love. Just make sure that you've got you tie in the value proposition to show the benefit of what they'll get out of taking the quiz. Step six, write the perfect questions. So as Linda just reviewed, we recommend doing four quadrants. So four quadrants ties in perfectly with a quiz that because ideally, you have about four answers to each question. So each of the answers should tie in with one of the quadrants. So for our pop diva personality quiz, we chose beyond say Taylor Swift and so on. But you can choose any type of personality, any type of theme, anything that aligns with the tasks, slow paced, fast paced relationship and put them in the quadrants. So once you've chose your quadrants and the themes that work best for your business, then you can start writing out your questions and make sure that the answer is tied directly into each of those quadrants. So for example, a question could be what makes you stand out from the crowd. So in quadrant one, the fast paced task oriented person would say I'm results oriented, I have a desire to win. The quadrant two person would say I enjoy life and building relationships because they're more relationship focused. So you can write your question and then start having your answers that tie into each of the themes or each of the quadrants that you've chosen. And another recommendation is to have fun with it. So our quiz was a pop diva theme. So we had pop diva questions. So for example, the last question um, let's see what makes you stand out from the crowd you could add at a networking event, or at a concert or whatever ties in with your theme the best, use that and make it more relevant for your customers so that they can actually see themselves in that scenario. So our question if you were a female pop artist, what artists would best describe you? So lizzo falls into quadrant number two for us, which is the fast paced people orientated person. So again, make sure that you have an answer correlated to each of the quadrants, you can mix up the order of the answers, but there is a correlation there. Because everybody has dominant personality traits. And the more they start answering the questions, the more they're going to hone in on one of the quadrants. So the more relevant your results page is going to be for them.

Wendy 30:37

And then we'd love to add research for your business. So when people are taking your quiz, they are really starting to let their guard down their love learning more about themselves and engaging with you. So it's a perfect time to ask them where they're at in the in their business things that you want just for business person, or just for business purposes and not necessarily correlated to the personality. So we recommend the sweet spot for the questions is usually around seven to 10. You don't want less than seven or you won't really get a good understanding of the personality. And you don't want more than 10. Or you could lose them they'll get disengaged. So you can tie in like one, two or three questions about your business in that series. So this is an example of a question we would ask in our quiz in regards to email marketing, what's your biggest struggle getting started creating the perfect lead magnet or knowing how to nurture my audience? So these questions are not tied to a quadrant. They're not tied to a personality type. But they're a really amazing way for Linda and I to segment our list. So if our offer is relevant to where people are at in their business, then we can use this question and segment them either to a specific offer that's relevant to them or we can talk to them in a way that makes sense to them based on their priorities. So it's great to tie in research for your business questions. And then on the side note, when using interrupts you just want to correlate each of these questions, so none of them gets higher priority. And we can talk about that more in the q&a or if you guys have questions on that specifically.

Linda 32:16

Step seven, write your welcome series. As Wendy mentioned earlier, there are people who create quizzes, and then don't attach a welcome series to that. And it is one of the mistakes we see that could give you a massive success to your business, the importance of a welcome series, they forgot they took your quiz. They were having so much fun, but again, they didn't remember who you were and they forgot about it. So it's important to greet your new customer when they first meet you. And people actually don't care about you until they know how you can help them. So a nurture sequence is really going to help you build your know like and trust factor and take that new lead and turn them into a customer Last but not least, you want to nurture your new well you want to do a nurture series like I just said to build your know like and trust factor to turn your new leads into customers. And according to word stream welcome emails are incredibly effective on average 320% more revenue is attributed to them on a per email basis than other promotional emails 320%. The average rate open rate is at 50%. And it's 86% more effective than a standard newsletter. I know there for a while Wendy and I our first two emails were trending at 100% open rate, which is huge. And the reason why I believe we attributed so much success to that is when people took our quiz, they were coming in hot. We also made the choice to send the emails out every single day. So five days in a row versus we Two or three days in between, because we knew since they were coming in hot, we wanted to make sure we nurture that relationship quickly. The strategy behind an effective effective welcome series, you want to remind your new lead about their quiz results. I we do this but we still get an emails occasionally where people ask us, I need to see my results again, which is funny. So people really want to see their results, even if you send them their results. Another email is to validate your customer by letting them know they're in the right place. So one of the very first emails you want to send out in your nurture sequence is to really validate them, let them know they're in the right place. You see them and you hear them. Then you want to introduce yourself, offer street cred why they should follow you and stay in your inner circle and offer supporting tips to prove you can help them another great email for the email. sequence is to share client stories. Do you remember when I told you about those two personalities that really love testimonials? Well, this is a great place to share testimonials about how your work has impacted somebody else. And last but not least, one of the best ways to have a profitable funnel for your quiz is to offer next steps in that very last email, introduce a way where they can start working with you. You can also introduce a freeway by inviting them to your Facebook group, or what Ashley did in her quiz was she offered them the influencer prep Academy for 297. And with her quiz and her email series attached to a valid offer, she was able to generate $10,000 in the month of April when she launched everything.

Linda 35:52

Three secrets to attention grabbing subject lines. So the subject line is so Important for open rates and props to my mentor, Laura Belgrave for sharing these tips with us. What you want to do to have emails where people open up is three things you want to write like you would to a friend. For example, you could say, Are you coming Wendy versus saying 48 hours until the sales over? Well, like you wouldn't say that to a friend. Right? And actually one of our best emails that had one of the best subject lines was I think 52% open rate was when I use the person's name so I personalized it. And I said, Wendy, I almost tagged you on this Facebook post. And people went wild and open that up because it also personalized it and it piqued their curiosity. Another great tip is to add fear of missing out. So Oh my god, Instagram success and inner circle benefits. People want to know what was their Instagram success and what benefits Am I getting? Get. And last but not least, I already mentioned this a bit but peeking curiosity is a great way to get people to open your emails. Don't do clickbait, you know, don't do anything silly. But definitely pique curiosity. One of our best open emails was epic fail. So people were trying to be like, what, what did they fail on. So that was a good example.

Wendy 37:26

So step number eight, build your quiz on Interact. So once you have everything ready to go, so we recommend doing all of the steps First, having all your content, everything ready to go this strategy in place, and then you build your quiz on Interact. So the reason that Interact is our favorite platform is it's really easy to use, even if you're not technical. So I have technical experience, but I don't consider myself a technical person. And I want to Interact and I was nervous and anxious about building a quiz because I knew all the logic behind it, but when I went into interacting was so straightforward and I was so grateful it was easy to follow it was step by step. And I just immediately felt so much relief. It integrates with most email providers. It we use kajabi. So it actually did not integrate for us. But we use Zapier and it was perfect. And it was so again, so much easier than I would have thought it would have been. It looks professional. So first of all the quiz is going to be if it's your lead magnet, a lot of times it's your first impression with your new audience. So for us, it was so important to look for professional and have something that's really easy to use, and have a really streamlined user experience for to kick off the relationship with our customers, and then Interact has amazing support and free training. I've worked with so many different service providers and there's nothing more than I hate when I'm so excited to work with them and use their services. And then when I need help there's nobody there to help me. There's no emails, there's no chat there's nothing and Interact is not allowed. That they're there to help you. They're there to support you. And every time I felt stuck, I knew that I had support behind us. And I knew that we were going to launch a successful quiz. And we felt really confident about it. So Step nine, drive traffic to your quiz. So this one is so important. If you build it, they will not come. This has been a misunderstanding. It's so hard, especially online. There's so much out there, there's so much noise that there's so much competition. So you need to really put yourself out there and really start sharing it to get people to come. The amazing thing about a quiz, like we already mentioned is it's really, really easy to share. So once you start doing these things, you start to see momentum and the momentum starts to grow and multiply. But you need to do these things out of the gate and on a regular basis to to build up that momentum. So some really fun easy places to start. is definitely on your website. It should be prominent on your website, if it's your main lead gen tool. So you'd put it in your announcement bar, put it in the pop up, put it in the hero graphic, make it front and center. We always recommend sending a link to your email list. So even if they're already on your list, and you're using this to grow your list further, let the people on your list know share with them what you've been working on. And if your quiz is jam packed with tons of value in freebie, they'll want to have access to that. So if you share to your existing list, they're going to start to get excited, they're going to start to talk about it and then they're going to start to share it for you. And it builds loyalty and trust with your existing followers as well. So it's a really easy one, share it in your Facebook groups. So if you have Facebook groups, share it, talk about it, share it on your Facebook business page, ask your friends and other influencers to share it so people that are supporting you. We love to support our friends and other business owners. And vice versa. If you ask, we always say no is just a two letter and two letter word. So if they say no, that's totally fine, but you never know unless you ask. So just share it around. Um, you can use Facebook ads. It's one way to do it. You don't have to use Facebook ads, but Facebook ads once you get your funnel going, you're really confident about your copy. You see conversions, it's a really nice way to turn on the automation, interest Pinterest, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, blog posts, and then also podcast. So we've been sharing our quiz a lot in podcast, it adds a ton of value. It's really fun to talk about. So share it. Start out sharing it every day, share it every week, share it every month. The amazing thing about a quiz is it really has a long lifespan. So people leave it on their website for months years. It stays relevant. You can go and tweak it if you need, but you can continue to share it and talk about it for the lifetime span of your quiz.

Wendy 42:03

So this is the quiz magic we talked about. So we have the quiz that we have the five part welcome series, we attach your offer and then it's all coming in on autopilot for you. I created this fun visual just so that people could see it. Where it really is the quiz attached to the email, attach the results and then the sequence And then you get people buying on automation. I've seen a couple people ask. So I'll just go ahead and clarify here, the quiz that we built our quiz in Interact. So that's all Interact, we don't have to worry about anything, the email, opt in ties with your email service providers. So it automatically syncs those names and email addresses into your existing list. The custom results, you can build these on Interact. So they have a platform or though they'll segment and link right to the correct results. Or you can build them on your website and you can redirect your your customers to your websites for their results pages. And then setting up your automated email sequence. This is done through your email service provider. So you set up the email sequence first, and then you sync it with the form and you integrate those triggers and then it all starts flowing on automation and your final sequence. you promote your offer and you've got this funnel going on automation. So here's a testimonial that we received from one of our clients to showing that it's all working. Linda and Wendy are marketing geniuses. They saw the vision for the course I was creating and we're confident their strategy would work. They took my ideas and created the perfect quiz to attract my ideal students. With their quiz, I was able to generate 10 core sales in my first month and reach my dream clients. We love hearing the success of quizzes. We love sharing and teaching about quizzes and we are honored to be strategic partners with Interact. So as Jeff mentioned, we were hand selected based on the results of our quiz, it was converting it over 60% and once we shared our strategy, they tagged it as in genius and genius method and we couldn't wait to share it with everybody else. So we're excited to help everybody achieve similar results and we are featured on their certified consultant page. So what's next? If you're really excited, you're ready to create your own quiz or modify your existing quiz. We recommend that going to take our quiz. It's really fascinating once you have this understanding, seeing it in action and seeing how it works. So as you take our quiz, you can see how we tied in each of the personalities to our questions, you can see how we tied in our theme, and the results pages it will show you how we walk through each of those steps. And then you'll get our welcome email sequence to see how we laid that out, too. When you take our quiz that you'll get the person the quiz personality quadrant, which we reviewed, which is the chart outlining the four quadrants, and then the tips to what those quadrants are and how to talk to them. You'll get 10 questions to ask your ideal customers so you can start off your research 10 top email marketing tips so you can more easily write your welcome sequence. And then we included a custom Spotify left because it's a pop Do you have a quiz and why not have fun and give people the music that's most relevant for them.

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