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How to Change Quiz Types
How to Change Quiz Types

This article will describe how to change the type of your existing quiz.

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It has happened to all of us...You are in the middle of creating a fantastic quiz and then you realize that your quiz would work better as a different quiz type. You can easily switch your quiz type from inside the quiz builder without having to create everything from scratch again.

Interact offers three different quiz types: Personality, Assessment, and Scored:

  • Personality: Each answer correlates with one or more quiz result and each quiz taker will receive a result that most closely correlates to the answers they choose.

  • Assessment: This is your classic multiple choice quiz where each question has 1 correct answer. The result shown to the user will depend on how many questions they answered correctly.

  • Scored: Each answer has a score value associated with it and each quiz taker will receive a result that corresponds to a unique score range.

Edit Quiz Type

Step 1: In the quiz builder, click Change Quiz Type on the bottom left.

Step 2: Select the new quiz type you would like to switch to, your current quiz type is highlighted.

Step 3: To confirm the quiz type switch, type the word "SWITCH" into the text box. Then click Switch Quiz Type.

Once complete, the builder will refresh and your quiz will have successfully been switched to the new type.

Note: All result scoring and result correlations will be replaced by empty result scoring and result correlations. You will need to update all result scoring and result correlations in a way that makes sense for your quiz content.

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