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Facebook Ad Troubleshooting
Facebook Ad Troubleshooting

This article describes how to troubleshoot common problems with your Facebook Ad.

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Setting up a Facebook Ad promoting your Interact quiz can be a bit tricky to get up and running, however when done correctly, they can be an extremely powerful way to get traffic to your quiz! This article will walk through some of the common pitfalls of setting up a Facebook Ad for an Interact quiz and potential solutions.

Facebook flagging ad

This is becoming an ever increasing issue for advertisers as Facebook increases their accuracy of validation for advertisements on their platform. This means that Facebook wants to make sure that the content (landing pages, links, etc.) advertised on their platform is appropriate, accurate, and meaningful. When Facebook finds that an advertisement does not meet their standards, they will flag the ad to prevent it from being promoted on their platform.

The big question is why does an ad get flagged? There are many reasons why Facebook may flag an ad and, unfortunately, it can be quite difficult to figure out what exactly is causing Facebook to flag an ad. Here are a few good guidelines to follow in order to prevent your ad getting flagged by Facebook:

Promote your own landing page **strongly recommended**

We strongly recommend embedding your quiz on your own landing page located on your own site. This article has some good insight as to why this is preferable. Facebook tends to like promoting ads that link to unique websites and landing pages that aren't hosted by "landing page services".

Your ad should reflect your landing page

Facebook runs validation to check if the ad you are running reflects the landing page you are promoting. This means that the topic, images, and deals displayed on the landing page must be accurately depicted in the ad. (This prevents someone from promoting an ad about soap that links to a landing page promoting cell phones - they are not related at all!). This article has some good insight on this topic.

Avoid prohibited content

Review this article from Facebook that outlines their policies regarding what content is prohibited.

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