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Branding on Interact Quizzes By Plan
Branding on Interact Quizzes By Plan

Free, Lite, Growth, Pro Branding and White Label Options

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"Built With Interact Quiz Maker" in bottom right corner

Free quizzes are also turned into public transcripts like this. (these can be used to market your business)

Note: If you start with a free account and then later upgrade to Lite, Growth, or Pro accounts your quizzes will automatically have their branding changed according to which plan you choose, and any public transcripts of your free quizzes will be deleted while your quizzes themselves will continue to function without any further work necessary. 


"Built With Interact Quiz Maker" in bottom right corner

Lite quizzes are not made into transcripts on the interact site and are only shown where you show them. 


Add your own logo and there is not interact branding

Or if you choose you can have no branding of any sort on your quiz


Is the same as growth as far as branding is concerned, you can choose to put your logo or no logo, but there is zero interact branding anywhere on your quizzes and they will not be made into transcripts.

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