There is not currently a way to connect to integration accounts of the same type (two Mailchimp accounts, two Convertkit accounts, etc.) to one interact account. 

We are currently building a solution so that it is possible to connect more than one integration account to one interact account, but in the mean-time we have a temporary solution in place. 

Here's how it works. 

-We will grant additional fully-activated interact accounts on the following schedule

-For Lite Account: 1 total account, no additional accounts granted

-For Growth accounts: 3 total accounts

-For Pro accounts: 10 total accounts

To get your additional accounts please email with the email address you originally created your interact account with and the additional email addresses you want to use to create your new accounts (every new account must have its own unique email address for login purposes).

Note: you must have a fully paid account, no in a trial, in order to get additional accounts. 

If you cancel your paid subscription with interact, all accounts associated with your company will lose their integrations. 

Partner Accounts: We do not grant any additional accounts to partners, if you'd like to sign up your clients they must make their own accounts

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